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The driver opens fire on another car. Shock video taken from the cockpit –

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There are no injuries, but the pictures – taken by a dashcam and spread on Twitter – are frightening

The story comes from Miami via social media. Eric Popper, 30 years old Several bullets were fired at a man He, like him, is driving I-95 in Miami-Dade County after passing it. Unbelievably No one was injured during the clash.

What happened

The story dates back to last June, but it has not become known to the public until these days thanks to its spread on social networks Shocking video captured by dashcam, the camera is installed in the cockpit of the Toyota Venza by Popper. The video was instrumental in explaining the dynamics of the accident, as it contradicts the Florida Highway Patrol’s initial report.

horrific video

In the video, Popper is seen buzzing in the car. But his negligence was interrupted by the driver behind him who could not overtake him, and blew his horn for a long time. Popper swears and pretends to disturb the other car, and continues to look in the rearview mirror. When the stalker finally manages to get past him, Popper pulls a pistol from the center console and starts shooting through his car windows against which passes.

Proof for or against a popper?

The footage was obtained by radio talk show host Andy Slater, who posted it on Twitter. Popper’s lawyer, Robert Gershman, confirmed this Real shot showing that his client was defending himself. According to what the lawyer told the announcer NBC 6 South Florida The driver of the other car could have fired first: a bullet sounded, apparently like a shot, on Mr. Popper’s car and at that point the situation worsened. Hence, we believe that the audio and visual evidence exonerates her. However, the other driver claimed that he was not armed, but just threw a water bottle against Popper. Police initially thought there was a shootout because both cars were riddled with bullets, but dashcam footage shows that the damage to Bobber’s car was spontaneous. Thus, the gunslinger is now charged with aggravated assault with a firearm.

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