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Canada, a 70-year-old taxi driver who has been bringing food for the elderly for 15 years

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In Calgary, Iqbal Alimomat has been working for the elderly every weekend for 15 years. Thanks to the help of his wife and children, and he did not charge for the rides

Help 25-year-olds in distress bring their groceries to their homes without asking for compensation. This is the pledge that Iqbal Alimohatzi, a 70-year-old taxi driver from Calgary (Canada), has been making every weekend for 15 years. It started almost by accident, with three regulars traveling around the city in his taxi owned by the person Checker Caps: “Time passed and I saw they were unwell – he said in an interview. Calgary Eye Opener – So I told them I would bring them shopping from then on because there was little energy left in their body.


Can’t tell soon enough. As Alimohd has kept his promise, three of its customers have started word of mouth that today the taxi driver brings groceries to 20-25 seniors every weekend. How is it organized? During the week, his wife Mumtaz takes phone orders and stores them in a spreadsheet, and then from Friday the two prepare eight shopping carts in the same supermarket in the city. Those who are now in the supermarket – spending two to three hours before refueling at other specialty grocery stores – have set aside their own checkout aisle for them. Then the time for delivery, the working day does not end until 7pm local time.


With its taxi company, Alimohd only charges for shopping and does not ask for a refund of LPG used during work. In addition, he spends many hours with the elderly, goes to meetings with them and does everything he can to help them. Most often he has two sons, Faisal and Yasin: “My father works without saying a word, never looking for gratitude or patting anyone on the back – second, always Calgary Eye Opener – The children of many old people who helped him, thanked me for saying that he is always there. I hope he will be rewarded for his actions in the future considering the generosity he always expresses to others.

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