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On the Seine there is a boom in electrified boats, in Italy little or none

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The Seine is becoming more and more electric: there are 40 projects to convert batteries for polluting boats. Modified in large proportions to also contribute to making Paris greener for the 2024 Olympic Games.

Capital in the energy transition, as well as on water

A Batobus in service on the Seine

Green Paris Project Mayor Anne Hidalgo It also goes down in water. L’my dadthe French Association of Electric Boat Manufacturers, has revealed this 40 projects are under implementation to transition to electric propulsion. In Paris retrofitting is being considered A real lever to decarbonize boats Sailing the Seine. About forty Olympiad projects are in progress“.

Targeting 200 electric boats

target like We wrote hereannounced in 2019 was even more ambitious: 200 electrified boats. The goal is to make it all happen, but we start from a solid foundation.

The electric boat where you can taste the gourmet cuisine of Alain Ducasse

Interesting and significant impacts on air quality from Carbon removal River traffic welcomes sailing boats on the Seine 8 million passengers annually. The zero-emission option has also satisfied the legend of French and international cuisine: lo Chef Alain Ducasse who also opened the electric sailing restaurant (Laws).

The last arrival is Cahemire

Also from Afbe they told us about their last boat converted to electric: cashmere. small boat from 22 metres Capable of carrying 30 people operated Paris yachts (It’s part of Sodexo Live!, the events branch of the catering company of the same name.) A 4-year project with investment from million euros.

Let’s take a closer look at his condition to understand the environmental benefits: “Prior to this switch to diesel engines They consumed between 75 and 100 liters of diesel per cruise. Now the boat has two engines Powered by a battery pack with a capacity of 240 kWh (Six batteries 40 kWh). Autonomy 5 / 5.30 hoursThis is the data provided by Silfried Cartierresponsible for navigating the company that has it Cruises have begun Zero emissions for the month of January.

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The first electric boat was tested on the Seine in 1881

They inform the company that, in addition to the savings in the use of hydrocarbons and the consequent polluting emissions, an excellent experience is guaranteed thanks to Less noise, smell, vibration and easier to maneuver. All important items because the company offers a Serve high quality food on board And see the Parisian artistic beauty.

And what about Italy? little or nothing

If in Paris the work is done on forty boats – but there are also small electric boat rental companies – in Italy tourism and electric water transport are almost in year zero.

View of Venice

In the first draft of Pnrr, 300 million were expected to enter to start the transfer Electric boats on the Tiber (Read) and helped ease the congestion of tourist flows in the capital. Nothing will be done. to Turin Even rowers manage to impose a no on electric boats (read). not to mention Venice Where public transportation is only invested in hybrid cars and there is not even a desire to try at least one zero-emission line. However you are sailing electric a Berlin And in most German cities, prof Praguel Lisbon not to mention lakes Swiss And Austrians, and ferries (even large ones). Scandinavian countries. As with electric cars Italy is still at the bottom of Europe.

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