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The way to trace

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POS commitment to merchants will only be the first step. The potential reform of committees could also discourage withdrawals.

A few years from now, the government’s goal is to reshape the habits of Italians. Fewer withdrawals, more trackable payments. Less cash, more financially convenient digital transactions.

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At the base there is no notion of control, but the idea of ​​facilitation. In both executing payments and verifying returns. That’s why starting from July for all exhibitors POS commitment will be created Meanwhile, it is forbidden to refuse any transaction in any amount. ATMs and cards are generally the most widely used payment methods. The incentive for traceable transactions is part of a broader plan to eliminate tax evasion and crimes such as money laundering, It will be more manageable With less cash circulation.

Of course, it will take some time for the cash to be fully exchanged with traceable payment methods. This is because, in the face of low-priced purchases, the same buyers tend to use coins and banknotes. Facing the need for a few years of adaptation (Just consider deferring further lowering the cap on cash payments), however some banks have already started their policy to reduce the use of withdrawals anyway. First of all, by reducing the number of branches, and then revising the cost of commissions for withdrawals from other credit institutions.

Withdrawals, not at these ATMs: that’s why they should be avoided

However, there is also another reason for making withdrawals easier. According to experts, in fact, performing the operation at some ATMs will not only be desirable, but also inconvenient. In case of precise contractual terms agreed upon by the bank, commission can be avoided. In all other cases, That would be a cost that should not be underestimated. In fact, the operation constitutes a cost for the bank, which actually asks the person performing it for an account. Not to mention that the company that manages ATM cards (Bancomat Spa) has already made a proposal to increase commission costs. This applies to all withdrawals made at branches other than those of your bank.

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In essence, there will be no substitutes for commission costs. Even if this proposal was, in fact, still under consideration by the antitrust. The response was expected in April, but the entire file Postponed to October 31. In this case, no increases will be applied until that date. Given the path taken by the government, however, if the measure proposed by Bancomat Spa also becomes effective, the fate of the withdrawals will be decided. A step into the future, or rather, towards a new concept of payments. Less and less “physical” money, more and more incentives for traceability.

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