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Will stocks soon also reach Italy? –

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PS5 It is a rare (and increasingly expensive) commodity and the only way to get it is to be able to buy it through the online sales of various store chains, “fighting” many other buyers. It is practically impossible to find chests for sale in a store. Now, however, we find it in media market (also known as our MediaWorld) In Germany there are simply shares for sale directly.

As you can see in the image below that was shared via NeoGaf, on MediaMarkt it is possible to find the PS5 in a reasonable number. Specifically, the version on sale is a bundle of the PS5 Standard Edition (ie with an optical reader) and Horizon Forbidden West. It’s been determined that when people buy PS5, the store puts others on display: so there seems to be a good amount.

In the background, we can also see some PS5 accessories, such as the HD camera and the black DualSense controller.

PS5 for sale at MediaMarkt

The hope is that this is the first sign of an increase in PS5 stocks and that the situation will soon improve also in Italy. Of course, a high price is not good, but being able to avoid having to buy large packages can help.

The PS5 is a successful console, considering that it sells out almost every stock available immediately. Specifically, the PS5 could have sold 52% more than the Xbox Series X | S for Ampere analysis.

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