March 24, 2023

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Ceccarelli in “Propaganda Live” and the unique feature to decode memories –

From Aldo Grasso

The 2007 episode of “Barbarossa” was born out of Umberto Bossi’s desire for a film that celebrated the exploits of Alberto da Giussano.

Friday night in the stream “live propaganda” (La7), that human astrologer of stories, Filippo Cicarelli, denounced the intervention of the Minister of Culture, about suggestions for television novels, recalling the episode “Barbarossa”. At the time, it was 2007, Umberto Bossi wanted a film celebrating the exploits of Alberto da Giussano and invited director Roberto Martinelli, then a Northern League player, to complete the process.

Through counsel, Giovanna Bianchi Clerici, and the intervention of Agostino Saccà, then responsible for the novel Rai. The film was a box office failure, a failure in ratings, a flop in audiences and critics, and a failure on all fronts: these are the records it beat Barbarossa. The only scene worth preserving is the one in which Umberto Bossi appears, dressed as a Milanese nobleman.

Ceccarelli has the unique advantage of unlocking memories. After my review of the work, Agostino Saccà wrote an upset letter to «courier” Which, without entering into the merits of Bossian’s “patronage”, was pleased to conclude as follows: «Nevertheless, I note that the more Professor. Fat is attacking us, the more rai novels succeed.” He is pleased.

Ray’s vice was production business Short term (mostly two episodes), perhaps in order to please everyone: politicians, producers, directors, actors. Only under the guidance of Tinny Andreatta and then Maria Pia Ammirati, Rai Fiction has grown in quality and layout.

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