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Emmanuel Filiberto inherits the throne of Savoy Calcio

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Football – which has always been a republic founded on balls (in the dual sense of balls and lies – winks over royalty, or rather on the little or nothing (certainly nothing)) of which is left of our country crowned, Savoy royals bent on reclaiming the footballing throne.

And to set the tone for the new empire, what better achievement than to become the king of the Campania team at Savoy? Of course, the Serie A championship is not among the most famous, but the noble Emanuel Filiberto di Savoia, at that time, certainly could not faint with the blue blood of heroes; So he contented himself with buying the most famous, but still combative club, in the “laughing” city of Torre Annunziata, whose population of 40,065 (all fans of the 1908 Savoia Football Association) returns to the metropolis of Naples. The appointment to put the imperial seal on sale this morning at 11 o’clock in front of the entrance to the cathedral of the Madonna della Neve in Torre Annunziata, a place emblematic of the city’s history for better or for worse: here it is said that the city, and here also a place – swear the local bikers, loyal to the king since bygone times – “with a criminal concentration big”. Hayy seeks redemption and decides to try it by handing the keys to the Savoy Sports Club to His Excellency Prince Emmanuel Filiberto. Family sentiment revolves around the unspecified “Casa Reale Holding SpA” project with the official request “for all documents to evaluate the purchase of Savoia Calcio 1908”, with “Academy, scholarships for young football talents and all the countries of the South. Boys”: things that make the new ministry of the south and social cohesion pale color;

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If the Prince decides to “expand”, we remember that in neighboring Basilicata the amateur team of Savoy di Lucania plays in the second category, a proud town in the province of Potenza which was sentenced in 1879 to change its name (originally Salvia di Lucania) in exchange for “moral compensation” Against King Umberto I of Savoy who was wounded by the anarchist Giovanni Bassanant, born in Salvia di Lucania. But this is another story.

Meanwhile, on Sunday in the stadium, a welcome sign is ready: “Come to Savoy!”.

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