September 30, 2023

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The US Supreme Court does not block a Texas law banning abortion after six weeks. Clinics are expected to appeal

the Supreme court subordinate United States of America decided to Don’t block Texas law which gives a Severe constipation in miscarriage: prevents it after only six weeks of pregnancy, when a woman – usually – She doesn’t even know she’s pregnant Or find out soon after. It has been in effect since September and also provides for complaints from doctors, Clinics and counseling centers in violation of the law, as well as heavy fines. The Supreme Court ruling gives a glimpse of what the situation will be like in June, once again on abortion: Court judges are called to express their opinion on a Mississippi law that prohibits termination of pregnancy after 15 weeks, even in the case of rape or incest. For Texas, clinics that choose to terminate abortions are equally allowed to appeal and delegate the decision to federal judges.

In the background, less than a year after the midterm political elections, once again the fate of the historic sentence “Roe vs. Wade” In 1973, the Supreme Court recognized abortion in America, Proving that the US can’t ban it before 23-24 weeks of pregnancyThat is, at a stage when the fetus cannot survive outside the womb. An invasion of American women’s rights has also paved the way for millions upon millions of other women in the world, which now risks being downsized with new restrictions.

And vice versa is likely because the Supreme Court has now become a conservative majority after that Donald Trump Three judges were elected from this template. President Joe Biden For months he defined the wave of restrictive abortion laws as “Attack on Women”This infuriated the American bishops. While most Democrats, from the left of the party, are ready to go to battle in the coming months. Meanwhile, the decision not to halt Texas’ anti-abortion law and allow legal remedies threatens to add to the chaos. On the one hand, if it will lead to more flight from Texans who want to terminate a pregnancy in the United States where it is allowed (example close to California), for those who can afford it, on the other hand, it risks triggering a wave of lawsuits and actions Legal that may last for years.

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