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“The referendum on sanctions against Moscow”: Orban is now defying the European Union

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Prime Minister of Uzbekistan Victor Urbanannounced National Consultation To gauge citizens’ opinion on the highly thorny issue of energy sanctions against Russia. This was announced by his spokesman, Zoltan Kovacs, in a tweet about the Prime Minister’s remarks. “Only by joining forces can we put an end to the rise in energy prices‘, would have said Orban. Who, in fact, threw the challenge to the European Union.

Hungary move

L ‘Hungary She has been hesitant over and over again about the strategy adopted by the European Union to curb Vladimir Putin’s anger in Ukraine. In particular, Budapest is not at all convinced that Penalties It is the best, as well as the only way forward. And Urban, in a Facebook message, was very clear: “Brussels imposed sanctions on energy member states and energy prices have taken off ever since“.

Therefore, the Hungarian government accepted the proposal vids, the party of the Prime Minister, to hold a nationwide referendum to understand the opinion of citizens on the above-mentioned sanctions. Is it right to keep it if not aggravated or should it be removed? This may be the question included in the consultation, and it is clear that it has not yet been clarified. “Only by working together can we put an end to the rise in energy pricesUrban said, though.

The challenge for Europe

In short, the consultation will investigate a fileOpinion Hungarians on the subject of sanctions. Meanwhile, to pressureEuropean UnionOrban has already made several statements. In recent days, in fact, the Prime Minister of Hungary explained to the Russian Agency tax which – which”The sanctions were imposed in an undemocratic way, because it was the Brussels bureaucrats who decided, but the Europeans paid the price.“.

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We need to know what people think. For the first time in Europe, in Hungary, we will ask the public’s opinion on sanctions. We will organize a national consultation where Hungarians will be able to express their views, to say whether they support them and whether they are in favor of introducing other measuresOrban continued, explaining that he supports “Immediate peace talks and ceasefire“between Russia And the Ukraine.

Urban’s intentions

The reasons behind Orban’s stance on sanctions appear to be purely economic. Russia, as Orban indicated, generated revenues of 158 billion, half of which was 85 billion. ”paid by the European Union“.”No wonder angry people in some member states are changing governments that have supported sanctionsThe Prime Minister added.The Hungarian position on sanctions was publicly expressed in every forum, our arguments were ignored and sanctions were imposed on all EU countries‘Seal complaining of’Shortage democracyIn the decision of the European Union to introduce restrictive measures against Moscow.

Budapest depends on it more than other governments supplies from Russia. Putting his country’s national interests before the joint action of Brussels against Moscow, Orbán demonstrated for the umpteenth time that he had no intention of subjecting Hungary to the (economic) backlash of sanctions against Moscow. Hence the idea of ​​holding a public consultation.

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