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Canada, 39 miners trapped at a depth of 1200 meters: it ran out of time to save them

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I Trapped for more than 24 hours Between 900 and 1,220 meters depth Below the entrance level of the mine. The Competition against time To save 39 miners Trapped in the Tottenham Mine, west of Sutbury, Ontario.

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In Tottenham, nickel, copper and other precious metals are cut And an accident, occurred on Sunday afternoon Key access blocked Prevent 39 miners to the surface. Van, the Brazilian company that owns the quarry, says there are currently no injuries or casualties, but the flow against time has begun to prevent tragedy.

Rescue operations began at dawn, but it took several hours to save everyone. “Rescue teams have reached the miners – are communicating with the work – and are beginning to move them through the secondary exit stairs”. It was brought to the workers Food and water. Fortunately no one was in the main transportation system at the time of the accident: a Heavy equipment Yes it will be Collided with the elevator The main transport system Prevents exit.

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The Prime Minister of Ontario also spoke on the issue. Doug FordAttempting to reassure on Twitter: “We understand that this recovery will take some time – he wrote – but we are very relieved to know that the miners are currently unaffected”.

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