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She exchanges a house for a B&B where she is staying, and the owner finds her in bed and beats her to death

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The events took place in July last year in Barmouth, Wales. Margaret Barnes, 71, of Birmingham entered the home of David Redfern, 46, and laid in his bed. The man beat her to death, leaving her lifeless on the sidewalk outside the house. Now came the tail.

Margaret Barnes and David Redfern

He will have to spend the rest of his life in prison for killing a 71-year-old woman He had traded his home for a bed and breakfast And got into his bed. This is the ruling against which a court in Wales has ruled David Redfern46 years old.

On July 11 of last year Margaret Barnes From Birmingham, he visited Barmouth, a seaside resort in northwest Wales, and booked a bed and breakfast. That evening, however, he confused where he was staying for Redfern House, a few doors away, also rebuilt by the Crown Court at Caernarfon.

When the man and his partner discovered her on their way to bed, a fight broke out and the 71-year-old was Drag from the heels down the stairs And they were kicked out of their home. That was it kick They repeatedly stomped on the sidewalk. There, you will die. A subsequent autopsy determined that he had Three broken ribs that it ‘catastrophic’ liver injury.

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Redfern has denied the allegations, but so was he this week He is serving a life sentence (A minimum of 14 years prior to parole). Judge Charles Bourne told the defendant: “I agree that you must have been very shocked to find a stranger in your house, in your bedroom. But your reaction is beyond anything any reasonable person could have imagined.”

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According to the reconstruct, that evening the woman went out drinking with her friends and “couldn’t stand it”. She exchanged her B&B for a Redfern house, and went in and I went to sleep. It was 10.10pm. After about 40 minutes, Redfern and his partner went upstairs. The man initially called the police and told the officers to take her away.

But then things went “terribly wrong” after fighting broke out. Redfern told the jury that she found Barnes “sitting in bed drinking gin and tonic, with her dentures on her bedside table”.

Outside court, North Wales Police detective Mark Pearce said: “During a two-week trial, Redfern showed no remorse, tried to blame Margaret for her actions and subjected her family to the trauma of a two-week process as details of that evening were shown in photographic details.

David Redfern is a Cowardly and evil bully And now he will spend at least 14 years behind bars where he can reflect on what he did.”

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