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Generali Luciano Cirinà has been suspended with immediate effect

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Milan – Generali has announced that it has suspended Luciano Cirinà, group director for Austria and Central Eastern Europe, with immediate effect and until further notice. It can be read in a note from the company. Giovanni Liverani, in charge of the German group, takes over the manager roles on a temporary basis Nominee for CEO on Caltagirone Group’s roster for the new Board of Directors.

“Assicurazioni Generali announces that it has suspended Luciano Serena, Regional Officer for Austria, Central and Eastern Europe (ACEE) with immediate effect and until further notice,” reads the memorandum specifying the company, as reported to Luciano Cirinà, during the period of suspension all legal or contractual obligations arising from The working relationship with the Company is in effect, including any responsibility relating to the protection of confidential information of the Company, and adherence to all internal rules and policies, including those governing relations with the media, financial analysts, rating agencies, investors, bodies and activities exclusively for functions within the Company.” The statement concluded by saying As shared during today’s meeting, Giovanni Liverani, CEO of Generali Deutschland, will assume the role of ACEE Regional Officer temporarily, with immediate effect.

Friday Plan B

Serena is preparing to present an alternative industry plan on Friday to the one signed by the CEO Philip Donnet Last December 15, the Lion Group distanced itself from the former head of activities in Eastern Europe.

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Some lawyers point out that this case, in addition to being “embarrassing” for reasons of confidentiality and access to privileged information, could also have legal consequences: Serena is now technically no longer the group’s top manager, and therefore from now on he has to take off the Generali’s jacket, which he has been wearing for more than thirty years, and speaks in his personal capacity.

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