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The true story of the movie A Just Cause

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Tonight, Tuesday, March 8, prime time on 3 Ray, the movie is titled just cause. The film is based on a true story that actually happened, the story of Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

In our new article, we will go into the details of this movie to explain the plot, but first of all to know the true story of the woman and what happened in reality.

Just cause on Rai 1, the movie is based on a true story

Just cause he sees a story Ruth Bader Ginsburg JHe was one of the first women to be accepted into Howard University in Law. We are in the fifties of the last century, a woman quickly became a judge. It was not easy because it was the period when women were emancipated and work, especially this type of work, was dedicated to it. men.

In fact, Ruth initially had great difficulty finding a job after her studies. The reason was precisely related to her being a woman. Despite this, Badr Ginsburg never gave up, on the contrary, he began to fight more often.

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Film Just Reason: The True Story of the Hero

In this primetime movie, we’ll see Ruth Bader Ginsburg handle everything in an extraordinary way. a report. It was also the years of the Vietnam War and I fought this deep discrimination at the time against female gender.

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Therefore, just cause will bring a great message and a lot of history to the viewers who will decide to follow this movie this evening on Rai 3. The broadcast which, moreover, does not arrive at random because today we are celebrating everywhere. woman’s Day. In short, this will be a real reason to watch the interesting movie.

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