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To watch TV series, football matches and more in streaming for free, we celebrate the name of this new website

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Television is always in constant development, and in a short time it has already undergone many changes. To change our television forever, surely the birth of many streaming platforms that expanded the show.

Nowadays, in fact, there is no need to own or rent a DVD to watch anything other than what is on TV. Simply use one of the many platforms from our Smart TV or even tap it from your phone or computer. In particular, various platforms have undisputed success in connection with the TV series, in fact there are many fans. Just think of the anticipation surrounding one chapter of The most popular series of all time.

Many fans are looking for a way to watch TV series for free through streaming and expand their insights. In this regard, there is one Free platform To be used without registration. However, a new location has recently arrived in Italy.

Application and website

Perhaps not everyone knows, but a new free streaming platform has been available in Italy for a few months now. It may have some content excellent By subscribing in the future, but this option is not currently available. This is Mola TV, an Indonesian platform. To use it, simply go to their website and register for free. If desired, you can also download the application directly. It can be accessed from all of our devices.

To watch TV series, football matches and more in streaming for free, we celebrate the name of this new website

The offer of Mola TV is very wide and varied. In his catalog we can find less than fifty TV series. They belong to different genres, from the movement to the historical genre. In short, it must cater to the tastes of a somewhat heterogeneous audience.

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However, Mola TV not only offers TV series but also much more. First of all, it has a great lineup when it comes to football matches. Among other things, several European leagues broadcast. It also has a large collection of football programs and documentaries. As for the latter, there are also some in the musical field. In fact, one of the channels is dedicated to music.

To complete the program are also several films divided by genre. We will find action, drama, comedy, thriller and horror films. There are also some movies and cartoons for kids in this section. Navigating within the platform is easy and intuitive, in fact the offerings are distinct and clearly grouped, and therefore easy to access. For the time being, there will be little content in Italian, but there will be subtitles to those in English in our language.

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