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More background on the change is revealed in the Roman Reigns match in Canada

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At the next event to be staged in Canada for WWE, more precisely Toronto In Ontario, tomorrow, March 4, Roman Reigns Will go back to defend his titles against Sammy JainAfter the Canadian tried to wrest the belts from the tribal leader already in Montreal, Elimination Chamber.

Initially, however, the match, which Toronto fans got to watch live, was not filmed by WWE cameras. Reigns and Solo Chikova on one side and Zayn and Kevin Owens on the otherHowever, at the discretion of the company’s management Change Plans for that discussion at the end.
In a recent newsletter of Wrestling Spectator, Dave Meltzer It would also like to provide various additional details about this change, the reasons for this change and its effect on the number of tickets sold.

It was decided for the March 4th event in Toronto, and to change the main event to Reigns and Chikova vs. Zayn and Owens to Reigns vs. Zayn in an Elimination Chamber rematch. In the current storyline, Zayn and Owens are already teaming up too soon And there won’t be feeling All the stories they bring to television.

It’s a test for the Toronto crowd and that’s certainly the feeling Titles do not change at home showsBut it’s still a great house show that appeals to many.

Tickets were sold 5244 Reigns was announced for a show at the Coca-Cola Coliseum and they hit me right away in just a few days 5807. A few days after Reigns vs. Zayn was announced, they arrived 6390 And a can Sold out quickly” – these are Meltzer’s words.

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Sami Zayn and the WWE chant interrupt

Apparently, in Canada, despite the athlete’s homeland, WWE did not expect such a sensational reception for Sami Zayn. A standing ovation But most of all, the chants dedicated to Zayn when he wasn’t on stage really worried WWE.

revealed by Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Spectator Last week, such Words are also reported on the site Ringside NewsActually:

The thing is Cody and Heyman on stage – Since they were in WWE, there were a lot of them Concerned about singers For Sami, that’s one of the reasons they sent Heyman out in seconds.

Not only did they want Cody on stage because they thought about it – it didn’t happen – but they tried to do everything in their power to move it along, not letting the audience start a new chorus or anything like that, but a question and answer..

They understand that They don’t have to give the audience a chance to sing, because that would definitely hurt Cody’s momentum. And all this helped them not exaggerate Sami’s position as they do now They absolutely do not want to“.

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