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Maneskins to conquer Cannes, in a suit of gold and a dream of Elvis-

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from Valerio Capelli, sent to Cannes

Damiano & Company on the film’s soundtrack with Tom Hanks dedicated to the King of Rock
They dazzled the Croisettes with their undoubtedly shimmering clothes

“Here’s the most long-awaited Monte Des from version 75,” the speaker shouts into the microphone. Crowd of great events and the red carpet to the beat of rock ‘n’ roll with Manskin, in the background If you can dream, the piece sung by the Romanian quartet on the soundtrack to Baz Luhrmann’s movie. It’s their first movie, and it’s a preview of an Elvis Presley movie. Searching for tickets, oddities (a photographer disguised as the same king of rock as the paparazzi) an armored show and an exclusive Warner party he launched on the 24th.

Here’s Damiano, in a gold suit, the voice from head to toe, who takes a selfie by posting the phrase “I smoke was”. He said, “Elvis created the idea of ​​a star in music, influenced all artists, brought black music to white audiences, and changed things through the intersection of cultures when everything was separate.” Same energy, same origins, musicians from anywhere and Elvis’ dream become Manskin’s. A film about a completely forgotten musical hero, a perfect tale that tells the story of America in the 1950s and 1960s, an epic character telling an entire country, which then becomes, early in the twilight, a distorted mask of a shattered dream, the loss of innocence. The protagonist, Austin Butler, with the help of the prosthetic team, finally appears to be overweight, and in poor health: “Elvis embodies so many ideas that he seems to have lived a hundred years.” Only 42 will live, he died in 1977.

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But let’s go back to the electric shock that set me on fire The red carpet with Maneskin, the band at the center of an almost inexplicable phenomenon, which explains the fluid and free feelings of Generation 0, winning at Sanremo and Eurovision and occupying the area reserved for Anglo-Saxon teams. But they didn’t steal the show from Tom Hanks, short-haired, as Colonel Tom Parker, Presley’s manager and says, “He wasn’t even a colonel, he was a genius and scoundrel, a miser and a businessman, but also an entrepreneur. He understood the uniqueness of Elvis, his potential Great, and understood that if he hadn’t made the money, someone else would have made it.” “Are you ready to fly? All America is going to talk about you,” she told him, taking him under her wing in 1955, and Elvis was 20 years old. The film tells how things went from his point of view.

Here’s Elvis in the beginning, “Hey, go and cut your hair,” exclaimed one of the audience who saw him with this new, shiny lock in his face. “At that moment – says Parker – I saw a boy turning into a superhero.” The film tells how things went from his point of view. There’s it all, hysterical cries, the audience’s arms stretched out toward the stage, in search of a demonic deity in tattered clothes or leather, the swaying pelvis of provocative time that ignited Celentano’s imagination, the black influence of gospel, spirituality, the solitude of the singer, the hiding, the fumbling at the piano are you Lonesome Tonight?Self loss. Parker Hanks told him, “We are alike, you and I, we are two strange and lonely children searching for eternity.” Priscilla Presley, 77, the widow of the singer, played by Olivia Dejong, entered that chaotic life. Today he comments: “I think we’ll understand Elvis’ journey a little better.”

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