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“The sun between science and emotion”

“The sun between science and emotion”

Valerano – On March 9, at the Palace of Culture, at 10:45 a.m., a conference and direct observation with telescopes

Viterbo - sunshine

Viterbo – rising sun

Valerano – We receive and spread – How many of us appreciate a beautiful sunny day, a day spent in nature, a day at the seaside or in the mountains? Our planet gives us unique opportunities in the entire known universe. The vital element in all of this is the sun.

Without the sun's contribution, there would be no life as we know it. Do you want to know more? Find out how the sun works, and how long does it take light to reach Earth? Does the sun revolve around itself? What is it made of? How much life does our star still have? Are you curious to know?

All these questions and much more will be answered on Saturday 9 March in Valerano in the Palace of Culture, in Piazza del Oratorio (Historical Center) at 10.45 am in the conference “The Sun between Science and Emotion” which will be followed by a live observation conference using the telescopes located in the forecourt , organized by the Galileo Galilei Association of Amateur Astronomers, and GrAG aps in Tarquinia, in collaboration with Kalipè aps and sponsored by the Municipality of Vallerano.

We will observe the Sun in “white light” as sunspots and in H-Alpha as solar prominences. We look forward to seeing you numerous and curious. The event is free, in case of bad weather or overcast skies, only the conference will be held. Information: [email protected] – 3397351283 Daniela http://: boscoeborghicimini.it

Calpe Association

February 24, 2024


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