Home World ZeroCal Care: “I will explain why NATO is now playing with the Kurds”

ZeroCal Care: “I will explain why NATO is now playing with the Kurds”

ZeroCal Care: “I will explain why NATO is now playing with the Kurds”

cartoonist Zerocal Care Against NATO and in defense of the Kurds. To overcome Turkey’s veto over its entry into theAtlantic Alliance Sweden and Finland pledged not to support the PKK. Michel Rich, from Kobani is calling Talk about the siege of the city, which is the symbol of the Kurdish resistance, is not befitting. In an interview with Republic He explains why: “This note It establishes very serious principles. He is skeptical, for one thing, of the right to asylum. In addition to the PKK, it is committed not to support even the trusted partners who helped us in the war against themProblems Discussion of the PKK’s presence on international terrorism lists is frozen. It’s bringing back the whole process of self-determination for the Kurdish people by years.”

Turkey, Sweden and Finland

The deal is not just a diplomatic victory for Erdogan, but also “a prelude to Turkey’s invasion of northern Syria. These are all preliminary steps that secure Erdogan’s project. This not only eliminates the years-long sacrifice of men and women, but is also a disaster from a geopolitical point of view: where Turkey arrives, Sharia returns, regions now experiencing social progress, mandatory abolition. marriages. The central role of women will disappear in the areas run by the jihadist groups that can control that area.”

Zerocalcare is not a fan put it in: «I think I have explained many times how much I am against the Russian invasion, but this agreement on the Kurds is barbaric. We are victims of a side that remained in the Cold War. If we care about democracy, then the democracy of the Kurds is not only a democracy, but in some ways it is more advanced than ours. So why not support their experience? If one looks at the political and utopian interests and experiences that can be bet on to bring stability to those regions, one would have to look at them. I realize it would be a seemingly poor choice diplomatically but it would be a strong politically.”

The cartoonist claims that “the final stage of Corona virus disease He made huge ruptures in the social fabric and above all in the left, causing a change in relations. We stopped listening to each other and declared a case Strive or Struggle subscriber. We also took her outside and after Covid. Now there is no longer a common sense. I feel bad about the fact that I don’t have spaces for collective expansion in which we can get to know ourselves.” As for the Kurds, as they say:The Kurds have no friendly countries, they only have mountains“”.

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