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Virtus Mercadante- Talent Space 0-6-

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Talent Space does not allow Virtus to be able to play a classic and peaceful game at home

Under 14 Provinciali Group Torino A: The Talent Space does not allow Virtus to play a classic and peaceful game at home. The visiting team played today’s match at the limits of perfection. Di Noya Fabio scored the first goal in open play with a superb combination on the left wing. Colosimo Diego decided in fifteen minutes of kick-off to seat opposing players, freeing himself well for the central streets and putting the ball behind the goalkeeper at 28 minutes into the first half, Space Talent always takes control of the match with a deadly counterattack that ends in the opponent’s goal with a score of 0- 3. The Spazio Talent faces the second half of this match full of scoring opportunities with boldness and hope. Colosimo Diego put a complicated ball into the goal, but thanks to his technique he managed to score 4-0. The last two conclusions were from the best on the field, Tremus, who scored two personal goals in 22′ and 29′ of the second half. The first is a penalty kick and the second is on a sophisticated and maneuverable movement from the right side of the field.

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