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Grifo, close the market with three barrels and two confirmations

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Skipping negotiations to sell Kouan and Melchiorri, only Baby Angori and Lunghi come out. Enter Beghetto, Di Carmine and Bartolomei: Now Castori has abundant roses, especially in the attack…

It ended like this, for Perugia False Start League Champion: Three excellent upcoming players that raise team quality and overall strength, plus key player affirmations like Christian Kwan And the Federico Melchiori. The Cagliari failed to set Bavolity Which he planned to replace with the Tria swan, Melchiori himself had other offers but he was at least looking for a biennale that didn’t arrive. As for Kouan, negotiating the sale to Cremonese But Perugia managed to bring the midfielder back Paolo Bartolome (33) From the attacking middle Samuel de Carmen (34), definitively and with the participation of grigiorossa in the payment of wages. Kwan jumped to the red and then jumped Milanese to Perugia.

production | Samuel Angouri (18) was loaned to Primavera ofEmpoliWhile Alberto Longi (19) It should expire in these hours. a point. Basically now beavers The beauty of the Six Strikers is found in Pink: Four Flexible Strikers as Melchiorie, squeeze itAnd the Grand Woody Carmine, then Oliveri And the Matos. If he didn’t change his form, he would be spoiled for choice in every match. Something also changed in the goalkeeper’s package, as Giannetti caught the Macedonian kid Eden Agradinowski (17) In all likelihood for Primavera while in the first team, the trio must remain unchanged Gauri, Forlan And the Moro.

with Casasola And the buzz Emphasize the right, also left Sisio Lizziewhich is more than undermining the place of advertising Andrea Bigetto (He’ll probably think about it Samuel Rigetti) will have to struggle from a place in the midfield, while the return Christian del Orco In the packaging of power plants and one of the accident Aleandro Rosi deemed sufficient for defensive dismissal (AngelaRosy del Orco Corrado And the Vulic) which will also be able to count on the contribution of children Leon Baldi And the sesoni from spring. In midfield with Kouan there too Santoro, FolicBartolome Lubrini And the IanuniThe battery is diverse and complete even if a lot will depend on Vulic’s growth in front of the defense. The recovery process can begin.

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