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The PUC was adopted by the Municipal Council of Sant’Antioco, and is now a space for comments

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The Municipal Council of Sant’Antioco adopted the PUC in adapting the Provincial Landscape Plan after a very long and very detailed work that lasted for many years. The procedure now provides for the possibility of submission of observations: within 7 days the plan will be fully published and anyone will be able to consult it and then, possibly, prior observations within 60 days of its publication, which will take place both in the Borras and on the institutional website of the Municipality of Sant’ Antioco. At the same council meeting as yesterday, the City Council finally approved the PUL Coastal Use Plan.

“This is a topic involving the whole city – explained Mayor Ignazio Lucci in the context of the council debate – that it was not an easy path, we needed to reverse the trend and break the deadlock that we warned about in 2018. For a good 15 years it was not possible to give answers to entrepreneurs and citizens And all those who aspire with their own projects to make positive impacts on the local fabric. Indeed, in the absence of amendment, nothing significant has been allowed. Today we begin a journey that makes us proud of its first results, the adoption by the Council: the real journey began when our administration decisively began. In fact, in 2019 we preferred to radically change the structure that was supposed to work on adaptation, namely the planning office.We are fully in favor of this proposal because we worked closely with the new office without throwing away anything that could be salvaged from the previous work. In this layout, certainly, there is no envisage of consuming more land, but it is certainly a document that could be improved.”

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Urban planning advisor and vice-mayor Francesco Garao also expressed great satisfaction: «We are really happy, this is the best possible proposal for us, but we are of course open to comments and improvements to a document that anticipates the growth of our lands from all points of view. We focus on increasing sustainable development and hotel tourism in the city center. But also to protect and promote agricultural areas while providing hotel tourism and thus rural accommodation. With the PUC we are also following the path of reclaiming the urban center: we will see the redoing of building interventions again ».

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