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“Canada should win from the back door, but the formula can still be improved” [VIDEO]

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The February 24, 2022 Probably the most dramatic date of the year, it reflects The day Russia invaded Ukraine militarily. As we all know, conflict still exists unfortunately It is far from over. It is a war that has overturned everything it could have overturned, and it is very influential The world of tennis, which is more or less affected by questionable activities. Russian and Belarusian players were forced to compete Without the respective flagAlso coming Banned from Wimbledon. Also, both confederations were excluded from it Rakuten’s Davis Cup and from Billie Jean King Cup. In the men’s category, Russia Andrei Rublev And Daniel Medvedev He was the reigning champion (executioner of Italy in Turin), defeating Gojo and Cilic’s Croatia in the final. Having already qualified for the 2022 Group Stage, as a result, Medvedev & co. One left The void must be filled.

4-5 March 2022: Holland-Canada 4-0

On the 4th and 5th of March, the Eligibility Levels, which will take the winners into the following group stage in September. l’Italy It struggled against Slovakia (3-2), as well as the final AustraliaHungary managed the same scoreline in the deciding singles match.

Alone Two seeds out of 12 Eliminated: Austria (#12), beaten 3-1 by South Korea Canada defeated the Netherlands 4-0. Indeed, his jewels were orphaned along with Auger-Aliassim and Shapovalov Indian Wells Masters 1000, the Canadians couldn’t count Pospisil either. With Galarneau and Diez in the singles and Polanski and Schnur in the doubles, the North Americans were not confident of defeating the Netherlands van de Zandschulp, Griekspoor, Koolhof and Middelkoop. Which, precisely, No discounts are made.

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Canada has thus been eliminated from the 2022 Davis CupKeep playing in the playoffs World Group. However, in about ten days it was Changed everything.

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, as mentioned above, the ITF decided to exclude the Russian and Belarusian federations. Should have been there instead of Medvedev and his companions Serbia, as the 2021 semi-finalist with the best ranking. However, Djokovic had the team A wild card for the group stage has already been secured, Happened today in Italy and Spain. So it was necessary Re-allocate the space vacated by RussiaAnd the choice fell precisely CanadaBecause of the association with Best ranking One of the eliminators in the qualifiers.

If Serbia doesn’t get a wild card – and without a Russian invasion – The North Americans will not be participating in the 2022 Davis Cup final. However, the best things always happen when you least expect them.

Reborn from its own ashes, Canada has been invited to play in the group stage scheduled for September 13 to 18. Spain, South Korea And right there SerbiaNovak Djokovic’s orphan. This is the group that fights the most for posting – The only team to finish in a pair of three teams Two wins – Determined by certain details. With South Korea out, Of the other three national teams, Serbia did not make the cutDue to the poor difference between wins and losses in individual matches (4-5, against Spain 7-2 and Canada 5-4).

There are always some details that determine the fate of children Frank Danswickthis too The final eight This week They faced great danger more than onceI am Going Five games from elimination against Germany. In fact, in the quarterfinals, after a 1-1 tie, Kravitz and Puets took the first set 6-2 from Pospisil and Shapovalov. Reacts at the start of the second and third setIn both cases bootle tear the service and take it home aUnexpected success.

Canada, Denis Shapovalov

However, Shapovalov, It certainly cannot be considered a certainty Davis Cup and its record 9/13 In this match – 10/7 in singles and 3/2 in doubles – it’s convincing. After a quarterfinal loss to Jack Zack A spectacular came in the semifinals against Lorenzo Sonego, who once again got his teammates into trouble. Fortunately for him, Canada can count too Félix Auger-Aliassime is the undisputed MVP of these finals.

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In three matches in Malaga (Four also considered the decisive double against Italy) World No. 6 Saved all 11 break points allowed and never lost servefrom which Eight today against De Minaur. Not only that, he never suffered a single break in the two tie breaks played. A security.

From Raonic’s example at the 2015 Junior Davis Cup

2022 is undoubtedly a A magical year for Canadian tennis. In addition First overall win in Davis Cup – Best result reached in 2019 final, lost against Spain – earlier in the year Victory in the already defunct ATP Cup. This happened last year too with Russia winning both tournaments. In this season, ça va sans direThe best results came as they were Both Shapovalov and Auger-Aliasim were present.

Indeed, theirs is a winning combination that starts from afar. In 2015, in fact, two North Americans dragged their country down Junior Davis Cup win: After Denis wins his singles and Felix fails to follow suit, both win Germany The decisive double.

Raonic Canada Davis Cup
Milos Raonic – Percy 2020

leads the way Golden generation Maple Leaf Tennis certainly was Milos Raonic. Winner of eight ATP titles 3rd place in ranking By the end of 2016 and Wimbledon finalist (as well as 4 other Masters in 1000), Canadian big server A For example Leading the way for the next generation of tennis players The highest peaks and so far unexplored by his fellow countrymen.

Until before him, in fact, tennis in Canada certainly did not occupy a significant part of the national sports bag. Although it was one of the first confederations to participate in the Davis Cup (the introduction dates back to 1913), had never had a win before this seasonWith very few notable achievements in the last 100+ years.

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He has not yet announced his retirement from tennis. Milos Raonic has been suspended for over a year nowBut still wanted to praise Dancevic’s boys on social media, defining their success Most important of all.

Two terrible given a very young age Different twinsIt is not a gamble to think how this can be done alone The first of many victoriesIn the future, for Canadian tennis, Always bright.

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