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An exciting optical illusion studied by science. what do you see?

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This optical illusion, new to the scientific world, seems to bring unimaginable results. It even causes changes at a physiological level that have not been assumed in the least.

Take a look at this picture. Do you feel the central black hole expanding, as if you were moving through a dark environment or falling into a hole? If so, you are not alone. About 86% of people In fact, he had the same feeling as you. but why?

Dr. Bruno Ling, Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Oslo said: “The expanding hole is a very dynamic illusion: the circular spot and shadow gradient of the central black hole elicit a clear impression of optical flow, as if the observer were moving forward in a hole or tunnel.”

The research published in Frontiers shows how the illusion is so strong that it generates a true reflection, causing the pupils to dilate as if more light actually had to enter after a movement toward a darkened area. Such a reflection So it is based on perception and not necessarily on reality.

Colored variations of the illusion were shown on a screen, and 50 male and female participants were asked to rate how strongly they perceived the effects of the images. Meanwhile, the researchers measured and studied eye movements.

The results show what it was like Black hole illusion is more effective (unlike blue dots), while with the use of other colors, the pupil tends to shrink. There seems to be a minority too completely immune, not realizing any effect. Scientists still fail to explain this “resistance,” which opens doors for new and interesting future research.

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