September 22, 2023

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Inline hockey: Asiago Vipers take the field for the Coppa Italia

In the third round of Italian Cup Hockey teams play too leagueAnd tonight at 20:30 Asiago Fibers They will unite on the track on the way to Cinque the Old Style Tory Bellis, the formation that plays in the championship B . series.

It’s going to be a pretty tough match against a team we don’t know much aboutLyrics Ricardo Scivo, ineligible for two rounds after beating Patrick Frazera last Saturday: “We must immediately try to impose our game and try to make as few mistakes as possible“.

to me snakes Today’s match”So it will face maximum concentration from the first change, to avoid unnecessary complications“Above all is non-refundable because it will be”A dry game where mistakes are not made, because in this edition of the Coppa Italia there are no second chances“.

The matches of the third round of the Italian Cup

18:00 HC Milano – Snowboarding Follow Favorite
18:00 Devils Vicenza – Invicta Modena (Stella Colcock)
18:30 Ghosts of Padua – Libertas Forli (Mary Goeffler S.)
18:30 Ferrara Warriors – Terjee Tiger (Japanese Liotta)
18:30 Monleale Sportleale – Romanian Castelli (Zoppelletto-Aristizabal Vallejo)
18:45 Cos Verona – Lipes Piacenza (left hand screw)
19:30 Ivy Trieste – HP Citadel (Slavero Rigoni)
20:30 Asiago Fibers – Old Fashioned Tori Bellis (Gallo Ferrini)
(Pairs rule in parentheses)

Follow the live broadcast of the meeting

Under 18 Elite

After the narrow defeat suffered last weekend in Vicenza, the under-18 elite de snakes will be treated instead Sunday at 12:00 Team Ghosts of Padova Always at Asiago Factory.

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Asiago Vipers Under 18 Elite Padova Mattia Bianchen

current arrangement

Inline Hockey U18 Standings Round 2

Credit: Photo Vanessa Zinobini