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The pressure of the United Nations and the United States and the negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority behind easing the decision against settlement in the territories

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In the days leading up to the Security Council meeting, the Biden administration tried in every way to persuade the Palestinian delegation to change its demands to avoid a potential crisis. In the end, a text of symbolic value, not legally binding, was chosen so as not to stir up disagreements with supporters of the Palestinian cause at a time when Washington is seeking maximum support against Russia.

“The Security Council reiterates that continued Israeli settlement activities seriously endanger the viability of a two-state solution based on the 1967 borders.” In a statement unanimously approved Feb 20the UN Security Council Expresses its “deep concern and indignation” at Israel’s continued construction and expansion of settlements in the Palestinian territories of the West Bank. However, the council had to vote on a draft resolution legally bindingcoined it The United Arab Emirates with officials of the Palestinian National Authority (scold), who allegedly called on Israel to “immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the Occupied Palestinian Territories”. According to US media reports, the decision and the vote were withdrawn due to pressure from the US government, which promised the Palestinians a financial aid package and a six-month suspension of any unilateral action by Israel. The answer Benjamin Netanyahu However, she was not late in coming, and in a statement issued by her office, Bibi stated that “the declaration denies the right of Jews to live in our historic homeland,” explaining that “it did not mention the Palestinian terrorist attacks that they have killed Israelis in recent weeks,” expressing his regret for supporting United States for statement.

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The role of the United States and the secret talks between Palestine and Israel In the days leading up to the Security Council meeting, administration Biden He tried by all means to persuade the Palestinian delegation to change its demands in order to avoid a possible diplomatic crisis in the entire Middle East region. the United State In fact, it was almost certain that they vetoed a resolution that had legal limitations, and therefore chose the presidential declaration, a solution more “symbolic” than effective, and above all in order not to stir up quarrels with the supporters of the Palestinian cause, at a time when Washington trying to get maximum international support against it Russia for his war with Ukraine. But the decision of the Palestinian National Authority did not convince the Palestinians. Talking to Al JazeeraPalestinian representative Mustafa Barghouti He said the Palestinian Authority’s decision to withdraw the vote “contradicts the Palestinian national struggle.” Meanwhile, according to what the American news site reveals AxiosSecret talks have been taking place for weeks between Israel and the Presidential Office Mahmoud Abbas To reduce tensions in West Bank. In the days before the new Israeli government was sworn in, Palestinian Civil Affairs Minister Hussein al-Sheikh sent a letter to Netanyahu’s office through the Biden administration explaining the PA’s willingness to cooperate with the new prime minister. Netanyahu, for his part, was appointed National Security Adviser Tzachi Hanegbi On top of the secret discussions that have focused in recent days on suspending voting in the UN Security Council. Again according to reports Axios However, it is not clear if all the leaders of the parties that are part of Netanyahu’s coalition are aware of the talks and their content.

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The role of the European Union and relations with the new Israeli executive The Security Council statement echoes that February 14th Foreign ministers Italy, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States They jointly released them and expressed “deep shock at the Israeli government’s announcement of the progress of nearly 10,000 settlement units and its intention to begin the process of normalization of nine outposts,” to which Israel responded, according to its foreign minister. Eli CohenNoting that it “will not, in any way, accept the interference of European countries in the Israeli-Palestinian issue.” Meanwhile, the new far-right Israeli CEO headed by Netanyahu continues to implement his agenda. the Feb 16th the Knesset by a majority 94 votes favorable and 10 vs, issued a law that makes it easier for the Israeli authorities to revoke citizenship and residency for Palestinians imprisoned for “terrorist acts”. The new law complements an existing law that allows for the withdrawal of Palestinian citizenship and residency in Israel and Jerusalem on the basis of acts that constitute a “violation of allegiance to the State of Israel.” The declaration commented, “A racist and arbitrary law endangers and threatens the continuation of the nationality and residency of the Palestinians.” Al Jazeera Salam Irsheed, attorney for the Legal Center for the Rights of Arab Minorities in Israel, who represent about 20% of the total population. others at least 350 thousand Palestinians live in East Jerusalemillegally occupied and annexed by Israel 1967.

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