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India invited to a wedding falls into a well: 13 women die

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She explained that “13 women died in the accident that occurred yesterday night and today.” Akhil KumarDeputy Chief of Police KushinagarIn Uttar Pradesh, where the accident occurred. During a wedding ceremony in a village, women and girls sat on the metal plate covering Well, that resulted in Drop them all. According to the district judge RajalingamThe structure was old and could not bear the weight of many people.

He explained that “the victims fell and were crushed by the rubble.” Prime Minister Narendra Modi In response to the news of the “tragic” incident on Twitter: “The local administration is involved in any possible assistance,” he said.

Indian weddings are often lavish events whose festivities welcome large numbers of guests and last for several days. In 2017, 24 wedding guests were killed when a wall collapsed during a severe storm in the western state Rajasthan.

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