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Latts: Austria agrees to pay for gas in rubles. But Vienna denies: “It’s fake Russian news.”

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Russia continues to supply Austria with natural gas without restrictions even after Poland and Bulgaria stop, and Vienna will continue to pay in euros. This is what was announced today, April 27, by the Austrian Minister of Energy Leonor Gosler (vegetables). Clarification became necessary after the Russian news agency tax He had spoken in the morning about the payment in rubles by Vienna. The mechanism will remain the same, that is, the mechanism providing for the settlement of accounts with Gazprombank and which will subsequently convert the currency into rubles. Russian Agency RIA Novosti He said that the Austrian energy company Omv is negotiating payment terms, and that Vienna does not exclude the possibility of opening an account with Gazprombank. Vladimir Putin himself wants to get Western countries to start the transitions through that bank, the financial arm of gas giant Gazprom, which will be responsible for converting euros into rubles.

Asked if there were any signs of stopping gas deliveries to Austria, the minister said: “No, we don’t have these signals,” specifying that Austrian energy group OMV will continue payments “according to the sanctions via the euro.” Gosler also stressed the need to free the country from energy dependence: “Russian President Vladimir Putin It is also waging a war on energy supplies and everything must be done in this country (Austria, ed.) to reduce our dependence on Russian gas as quickly as possible ». Meanwhile, Austrian Prime Minister Neyhamer called the ruble payment “fake news for Russian propaganda.”

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