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The new dimension of Turin in the car and in space

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Next 1/2022: Chamber of Commerce

2022 opens between risks and opportunities. It will be necessary to understand how and on what efforts and resources should be focused, given that PNRR funds represent an opportunity in the Piedmont region to invest important resources – finally -. Futura chose to tell us about the outlook for this crucial year through three interviews with the presidents of the Chamber of Commerce, Coldiretti and CGIL in Turin. The key words are lack of continuity and perspective, and the danger to be avoided is short-sighted interventions, spoiled by partisan interests, short-term electoral character or – worse yet – electoral character. Planning is needed, or else European resources will turn into a rain of worthless contributions in the medium to long term.

Turin Chamber of Commerce floor

let’s start from chamber of Commerce. President Dario Galena is looking to cars and space, “these are two critical issues, and could be the starting point for overcoming the difficulties in 2022.” Two sectors rooted in the Piedmont region, but they need significant investments to grow further. “We need the big players out of the crisis, and they are rightly looking forward to strong and healthy ecosystems. Our mission is to make the region attractive to encourage overseas investment.” In Turin, the foundations are there, think of the Space City, which is worth one billion and one hundred million investment, a project led by Leonardo and Politecnico capable of creating 2500 jobs. “Even Grugliasco’s City of Science, the national pole of sustainable mobility and industrialization, and the City of Health, represent a fertile ground for 2022 investments, which can make Turin in central Europe, connected, reinforced and specialized,” Galina said. However, the money from NRP will also redirect those companies that are already strong in the region but have to keep up with the changes. At the forefront of the automotive sector, “we are already behind in some aspects such as electricity, which is dominated by the Asian market, it will be important to push hydrogen now, while we are at the right time. The automotive sector is certainly a central sector in the Turin economy but an industrial vision policy is needed 70,000 jobs are at risk because technological shifts will cause some companies to exit the market. The right investments can drive a transformation that will make the same companies capable of producing the cars of the future”, concludes Galina.

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