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Need a miracle, but it won’t be enough – The OA Game

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The Billie Jean King Cup 2022 is in immediate danger for Tatiana Corbin’s Italy. In Glasgow, the Italians fought back against Switzerland yesterday but suffered a 3-0 defeat that significantly dented some of the hopes they already had in Group A.. The road is still uphill for Martina Trevisan and her teammates, and today Canada will block the path to the Italian flag. At least on paper, the task looks even more daunting than what we saw on Wednesday.

The selection led by Sylvain Bruno, who replaced Heidi El Tabac, who left due to personal problems, can boast two great singles.. Starting with Leila Annie Fernandez, she mesmerized the audience of the US Open a year ago and lost until the final match. Emma Raduganu; Since then, however, results have come in a trickle, thanks to a somewhat underrated leg injury. l’to highlight Her season ended in a quarter-final at Roland Garros, where she lost to Martina Trevisan and was suspended for three months.

Additionally, a player who is easily in the top 10 in terms of talent, Bianca Andreescu, triumphed three years ago at Flushing Meadows by proposing herself as the new heroine of the scene.. But, since 2020, it has entered a negative spiral that has forced it to the top of the world rankings, and this time it is struggling to recover. Other singles selections include Rebecca Marino, world No. 67, and Carol Zhao, 169, and doubles player Gabriela Dabrowski, eighth in the specialty.

For the talent available, Canada is aiming to at least equal the best result until recently, the 1988 semi-final at the so-called Fed Cup.. For Italy, it will be a tough but futile task, as 3-0 Switzerland will be a knife on the side of the handle and just one match win will be enough to guarantee access to the final act.

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