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Asiago Hockey defeats Return Boam again 7 municipalities online

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Another victory for the Giallorossi who challenged on the ice of Odejar last night Rittner boam In the third pre-season friendly match. 4-2 The final result of the match as a whole is for fair play, with penalties that can be counted on the fingers of one hand and several attempts to build actions.

there Migros Asiago He takes to the track by giving away four key pillars of the offensive section: Moncada And Steven are absent due to physical problems, while Until now And McShane They’re still in position so they don’t run the risk of injury after the slight muscle discomfort they’ve had to deal with recently. And to ensure safety between the posts, the new signing from Ampezzo’s goal, Marco Defilipo Who will appear for the first time in the Giallorossi.

The first half ended in a goalless draw, with Asiago and Renon taking action against each other. Good plays through the new entries HunterWarner And Alex IruloAnd also with some experiments to form actions in the powerplay and new schemes to get out of the zone.

The atmosphere heats up after the first break with two goals Nick Saracino In the 5th and 12th minutes with the help of Randy Gazzolathe aim of Michael Marchetti Who in the 19th minute scored the score 3-0 under the cross after an assist Brice Mesley. De Filippo builds the Stellata gate wall well to withstand the mounting attacks of his opponents. Two minutes from the penalty spot for Gasola, who got into a physical fight with the puck ball that had already been released. Still good performance of Nick Porco Left empty-handed, he spends all his physical strength on the ice on a conservative pre-check on a threatening puck attached to the opponent’s signal.

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The third time around is a bit tiring for Migros Asiago who gives way to BUAM on two occasions. In the sixth minute of the match, the Colalbo formation started the comeback, taking advantage of an attack in front of the goal and putting the ball into the net with a skate. Michael Marchetti In the 12th minute, he smashes the obstacles on the railing, heads decisively towards Renon’s goal, and hits the net after a shot. Matthew Gennaro Hence the signature on his pillar. Gennaro serves two minutes to cane him after being fouled. Four minutes later, Renon again attacks the Giallorossi goal and scores the second goal, but Asiago responds, confirming his superiority, and the match ends with a more than decent result.

There is still work to be done for the Stellati team, who look like two weeks before the tournament starts still have to be able to sample a full on-ice dialogue free of the misunderstandings that make them unstoppable. But the positive note is definitely that the series of friendlies allows the character of each member of the squad to come out clearly, highlighting strengths and even those small flaws that coach Barrasso will be able to fill in in the next couple of weeks.

Image credit: Vito Di Romeo

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