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“In the new film I gave space to my soul as a thunderbolt” –

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From Stefania Olivi

Starring with Le de Lag for “Alla vita” by Stefan Fries, in cinemas starting June 16. Handle sensitive matters intelligently: religion, freedom, and parenthood. with my daughter? I dissolve”

“No one in my family has been a farmer, for me it is the choice of my life, I like to identify myself as a digger. I produce organic wine and oil, and now my business is very small. It is also a way of understanding where the world is heading: if you want to make a revolution you have to start from the ground.” It is not surprising that Riccardo Scamarcio willingly accepted the play of Elio de Angelis in to lifeDirected by Stefan Fries with Lou De Laage, and produced by Ba.Be and Indiana, in cinemas starting June 16 with Vision. A gallery owner starts looking after the farm after his father’s death. “We are united by our connection to the land. In his case, a daily report. He inherited the family property and found himself managing it in keeping with his sense of honour. He has this client, Mr. Zelnick, the head of a family of ultra-Orthodox Jews from Aix-le-Bain, with whom he spends some time every summer and for which he produces kosher rice.”

What prompted you to accept the role?

“They are chosen with variables without a specific purpose. I’m interested in the interviewees, in this case the producers who introduced me to Stefan. Sure, I loved the script. It is a film that walks on tiptoe in delicate matters: family relationships, the inability to communicate as well as the impossibility of choosing Esther, the character of Lou, for her life.”

and religious beliefs.

He talks about it intelligently. They are very observant of the rules that are now considered outdated. But it also tells us about the meaning of others, such as kosher cuisine which may sound crazy but respond with logic. The film moves on the level of constructive criticism with punitive dynamics, but with an interest in the values ​​of the people’s culture.”

It also deals with fatherhood. Has your view of her changed since the birth of your daughter?

I became a father in cinema for several years already, for example in the beautiful movie first light by Vincenzo Mara. Suppose I trained.

Who is the father?

“A little dumbfounded, I melted. Life teaches us that time is the most valuable thing that the years pass, because your father used to tell you certain things.”

How do you choose your projects as a product?

“I try to make films that have a slight political imprint, that highlight the cultural aspects of our peninsula. Let them dream, excite and spark ideas. For me, cinema is a place of escape and freedom.”

In addition to translating with Benedetta Porcaroli, he produced “L’ombra del giorno” for Piccione.

“A classic movie, of which I am proud as an actor and producer. I took it during construction. It takes place between 1938 and 40, between racial laws and the escalation towards World War II, while ostensibly many thought it was four skirmishes. Looking at the war now, I think of Piccioni’s foresight To draw attention to a crucial period.” Actor, screenwriter, producer. And director?” No. There are so many, you don’t need another one. I thought it was best to learn the language of bureaucracy to help others get around.”

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For example my suppliers. Now he is in the group «Foot 2», a new collaboration.
“Stefano and I know each other very well, there is a great harmony and trust. Filmmaking is a tough job. Now talking about algorithms, this is wrong: we need people to share an adventure and a dream with you. We shoot in English, it’s based on the 1983 World Rally Championship, I’m César Florio and the actors Daniel Bruhl, it’s Roland Gumpert from Audi.”

When will we see Placido’s “Shadow of Caravaggio”?

“No one knows yet. great story. They tried to oppose a crazy talented artist who is innovative in techniques and ability to communicate. He made ordinary people, beggars and prostitutes saints and Madonna. I see him as Elvis Presley, Freddie Mercury: a star who is not afraid to express what he thinks. An absolute talent that even his critics fall in love with.”

Twenty years ago he made his debut with Best of Youth.

“A wonderful, very formative, experience about human relationships. You have imprinted me. I remember the first day, my first on a movie set, in Tuscany with Lo Cascio, Gifuni, still in school. In the end I found myself playing football with Marco Tullio Giordana and the actors. Then grilled. I said: This is paradise.

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