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Canada-Panama cancellation: Players on strike for World Cup earnings and prizes

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Surreal situation experienced by Qatar a few months from 2022: After historic qualification, the Canadian national team decided to strike.

The joy of qualifying for the World Cup after 36 years? Already Disappeared: The time has come for struggles in Canada.

A few months before Qatar 2022, the Canadian national team was actually engaged in a real strike against its football association, demanding additional rights on economic grounds in view of the next international competition.

“We hope that qualifying this team for the World Cup will increase our country’s chances for the next generation of players and bring the respect and financial opportunities that make football forever in Canada.” The players write in the official letter.

To confirm their voice, they decided not to land the friendly field against Canada PanamaThe night was scheduled, forcing the football association to cancel the match within two hours of making the kick-off.

“Where is the progress? Where is the money? We learned that in 2018 the Football Association signed a contract with the Canadian football business, which completely compromised the opportunity to use the success achieved on the pitch by our national teams economically. Years?”.

The players then addressed the topic of the next World Cup and the qualifying prizes.

“In March we started negotiations with the Football Association, but they waited until June 2 to offer us a chance: for this reason we have decided not to play in today’s game against Panama. It’s time to take a stand for the future of the club. Football in Canada”.

The players’ demands are greater transparency and the amendment of the Canadian Football Trade Agreement, a contract signed by the Football Association, but with a fair fee structure between the male and female national team. Of the World Cup-related prizes, Canadians demanded 40% in cash prizes and the complete set for friends and family.

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A few months from Qatar 2022, therefore, an unexpected buzz involving the CONCACAF Nations League match against Curacao, which is valid for the CONCACAF Nations League, is in great danger at this point.

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