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The museum dedicated to Belgian beer has just opened

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The Belgian Beer World is a monument entirely dedicated to the Belgian specialty: beer.

Belgium has cemented its position as the beer capital of the world with a new museum that recently opened in Brussels. the The world of Belgian beer It replaces the former Brussels Stock Exchange, and is a neoclassical structure that was renovated at a cost of €90 million. The museum explains why the country’s beer culture is so popular, while providing an interactive history of the drink’s origins.

World of Belgian Beer, the Belgian museum dedicated to beer

thanks for the The world of Belgian beerwhich serves as a veritable museum of national beer, visitors will learn how beer has been produced since then middle agesWhen such an alcoholic drink was a substitute for polluted water.

Belgian beer –

Moreover, at that time, it was jump It was introduced – for the first time – as a preservative, and continues to this day. Modern brewing methods include up to four separate brewing methodologies, which are also displayed to visiting users.

All is well Tours It ends with a beer, recommended by a virtual bartender, at the rooftop bar.

Beer culture in Belgium

The country produces about 1,600 different types of beer. So, Belgian beer culture It is included in the World List of Traditions Worth PreservingUNESCO In 2016.

However, this is the first museum that lives up to its reputation. Brussels It is home to a much older and smaller establishment containing only old brewing equipment, and little information is available to visitors.

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It is typical of Belgium. We are very humble. We’re the kind of people who say, “Maybe it’s not necessary.”The Mayor of Brussels said in a memorandum, Philip Close.

Beer tasting in Bruges –

We are very proud“, says the director Charles Lycliffe.The decision to turn the exchange public goes back 12 years. We needed to find enough brewers willing to participate!“.

In the end they decided to participate virtually 100 breweries. Although Leclef stresses that this is not a brewery exhibition: “Belgian beer culture is central. This idea remained intact“.

Even the Minister of Finance in Brussels, Sven Gatz He defended the project and its high price: “As Belgians, we are often happy to be among the top, but when it comes to beer, we are the best in the world.”“.

the The world of Belgian beer She plans to welcome approx 300,000 visitors In the first year of its work.

Tickets are expensive €17 for adults and €14 for seniors (i.e. for visitors aged 60 years and above) and students (16-25 years).

Children of all ages are admitted to the museum at varying rates, although — as you might guess — they won’t be able to taste beer after the tour.

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