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“His hours are numbered” – Corriere.it

“His hours are numbered” – Corriere.it

And the tears, on Tuesday evening, with the backward step of the Secretary of the Treasury and the Minister of Health, paved the way for the avalanche resignations of the executive members. But the prime minister does not give up: he will be prime minister tomorrow too

from our reporter
LONDON – At the end of the race, get off. From the derailed Johnson government train, the competition was to see who jumped first: yesterday more than thirty ministers, undersecretaries and briefcase holders resigned. The largest mass executive escape in British history.

In the evening, a group of ministers led by the new Treasury Minister Nadim ZahawiDowning Street to order Boris Johnson to leave. But he refused: He answered me: Millions of people voted for me, so who among you can repeat my success?

Exciting hours occurred yesterday between Westminster and Downing Street. Boris has also been abandoned since the morning by his right-hand man, Michael Gove, who today expelled him, who was his twin in the Brexit campaign and who now occupies the main role as Minister of Regional Cohesion: according to press rumors, Goff himself was going to tell Johnson yesterday morning that the time was up and it was time to remove the blinds (Then in the evening the Prime Minister dismissed him.)

Boris resisted to the end, but the smell of mold spread around him. At the foreign press conference in Downing Street yesterday afternoon, the faces of the spokesmen were the faces of the vigil: embarrassment, half-hearted and evasive answers, staring at the ceiling. The same identical atmosphere seen in those rooms three years ago, in the hours before Theresa May was fired. As the policeman escaped the guard prank: Busy day, today….

The cataract had opened on Tuesday afternoon, with Contemporary Resignations of Treasurer (i.e. Treasurer) Rishi Sunak and Health Minister Sajid JavidWhich dealt a fatal blow to the Johnson government and its credibility.

And yesterday, during a period of fierce questions in Parliament, in which Boris promised to move forward, Javid explained his reasons for his resignation by saying much: I have given the prime minister the benefit of the doubt several times over other suspicions of the scandal. But I am now convinced that the problem is at the top and that Johnson will not change. It was echoed by other Conservative MPs, while colleagues stared into space with rocky looks. Soon, Boris presented himself to a hearing before a parliamentary commission, giving life to a surreal spectacle: while asked what was happening, he assured him that he would remain prime minister tomorrow.

But his power evaporated over time. If it doesn’t happen yesterday, Johnson will have to leave within days, mired in his own incompetence even before political mistakes. The situation has precipitated the latest fraud in which the Prime Minister found himself involved, i.e. sex scandal
Which invested the group’s deputy leader from the Conservatives, Chris Pincher, guilty of harassment and unwanted advances towards several young colleagues and male assistants.

It turns out that the Prime Minister had known about these behaviors for years, a circumstance he initially denied: In short, as in the case of Partigate, festivities in Downing Street during closing, and various other circumstances, Boris once again showed a complete disregard for the rules and the truth, while his ministers were sent to the cameras to defend the indefensible. In recent days, morale in the Conservative Party had dipped below zero and the annoyance was also evident in the government: in the televised cabinet meeting, ministers’ faces looked like the faces of a funeral.

Ministers who saw themselves laughing in the face in Parliament, even by their own deputies, when they tried to explain that Johnson had forgotten the allegations against Pincher. The power of the Prime Minister had already been seriously compromised a month ago, when this was done He survived a vote of no confidence But he saw more than 40 per cent of the parliamentary bloc voting against him. Subsequently, the double electoral defeat in two important supplementary rounds showed that his magic touch had worn off: for the majority of public opinion, disgusted with scandals, he was forced to resign. Last night the same conservatives finally tried to pull the plug. The drama continues.

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