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Nobody expected to find them there, they were kept under a castle: what did they find

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They’ve been put under a castle, what’s up? Here is the story of a truly amazing discovery. Let’s see together where it happened.

They were kept under a castle –

Really great emotion when you uncover historical places after years, ancient artifacts hidden there for many years. This takes place in a place that is very popular and popular for its long history. Another interesting discovery in 2023. We are only in the middle of the year, however we can say that from an archaeological point of view, many interesting goals have been achieved. Recovering from different eras opens up new scenarios in different areas. Let’s see today.

They’re kept under a castle, that’s what it is

They were kept under a castle, the finds of which we are talking about today. Yes but which one? Let’s talk about one A famous castle in the UKA much loved castle, it is indeed the largest privately owned castle in Wales.

Let’s talk about Pembroke Castle, located in the town of the same name in the county of Pembrokeshire in West Wales. A truly amazing destination that attracts visitors from all over the UK and abroad every year.

Its castle dates back to the 12th century, and is considered one of the largest and best preserved in Wales, as well as the main attraction of the town. This is also because it provides visitors with an invaluable view of the city and the bay.

They were kept under a castle –

Its foundation dates back to 1093, after the Norman conquest. It was later granted to the 1st Earl of Pembroke, Gilbert of Clare. It was in this castle that Margaret Beaufort gave birth to her son, The future Henry VII of England. He is now famous for making a very unexpected discovery.

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She’s much talked about because of their incredible significance, and even takes an interest in prehistoric finds. It’s a discovery that really starts from afar. As the Daily Mail reports, researchers actually conducted preliminary research in this area last year.

Pembroke Castle houses a prehistoric cave just below its foundations.

The fossils in 2022 are well analyzed and only revealed to the world today. This is leftover Reindeer and some types of mammoth. The research is being conducted by the University of Aberdeen, thanks to experts Rob Dennis and Jenny French.

Prehistoric remains of Pembroke Castle

And according to experts, these finds are important testament to what the Pembroke Castle area must have been an important center during the Mesolithic era. Research continues with more excavations.

The goal of archaeologists? Prove that animals took refuge here during the ice age, but not only. Although no human remains have been found yet, they are certain that prehistoric men passed through this area.

Professor Dennis tells the story himself to the Daily Mail, identifying himself as very excited about the results of the so-called Wogan Cavern. Years ago, the cave was thought to date back to the Middle Ages, as it was excavated as an integral part of the castle. Thanks to these findings, archaeologists can now deny this hypothesis, considering it an interesting prehistoric site.

Wogan Cavern is located on the Pembroke River. Due to its location, with the river overlooking the Irish Sea, it was used as a storehouse in the Middle Ages. It was also important for defensive purposes. Indeed, it appears that during the thirteenth century They were even an integral part of the defensive line of the castle: A water gate was also built at the mouth. The entrance to the cave will then be closed off and only accessible via a spiral staircase.

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Pembroke Castle –

The amount of animal remains found suggests to experts that it may also have been a place of refuge Prehistoric hunters. We’ll know more in the coming months, because the Natural History Museum has cleared the excavation. They will start during the summer. According to Professor Dennis, this discovery will help put an important piece on Appearance of Homo sapiens in this part of Great Britain.

Above all, give them a place in time and maybe find out more about their habits. and to determine their ways of survival during the Ice Age. Meanwhile, Pembroke Castle is not only one of the most famous castles in the UK, but also the custodian of one of the most important prehistoric sites in the country.

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