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Young Blues Looking For Confirmation – OA Sport

Young Blues Looking For Confirmation – OA Sport

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Italy-Canada Schedule, Show, TV and Streaming of the League of Nations – Italy-Canada Presentation – Blues Invited to the First Week of the League in the Nations League – First Week Calendar of Men’s League Racing – Italy – History of Poland – Reports of Yuri Romano after Italy – Poland Then the statements of Fife de Giorgi

Good evening and welcome to Azzurri’s third challenge live in the 2022 Men’s Wally Nations League: Ottawa ahead of Italy and Canada. After the Olympic champions and world champions, the Assyrians face the hosts: It was a difficult start for the VNL’s side, with Fefi de Georgi’s winning 3-1 against Poland on Friday night..

The Canadians got off to a poor start on their own adventure, losing 3-0 to Germany. And they will want to make up for it against the young Italian team to create the opportunity to play the final eight this season at the Italian home in Bologna in mid-July. Benjamin Josephson, like many of his colleagues, is using this competition to add some new elements to the Maple Leaf National team. There are no players with talent and experience in appeal Sanders, Perrin, Vernon-Evans But there is certainly no shortage of old champions of the Italian championship like Hitter Stephen Marr is the protagonist in Sisterna this year and comes into effect in Monza next year. There is another hitter who has played at least one championship in Italy. Nicholas Hogg, who previously wore the shirts of Milan, Perugia and Trento. Sent to central and Italy Lucas van Berkeley played at Spoleto four seasons ago.

To complete the Canadian team, Tokyo has players who were already part of the protagonist formation team, namely the Setter Jay Blankenev, opposite Ryan Joseph Schlatter and free Jesse Elser and Justin Louie. Included group Mar and Hogg are the two main attack terminals But because he relies so little on power stations, he is rather vulnerable to open attack.

Italy comes with great responsibility for Saturday night’s match After the first comeback victory against Poland. De George’s team showed good things in the first match against France and against the Polish team. Proved that even difficult moments can be faced with clarity. Romano and Potolo were the most effective attackers, Gianelli’s movement cannot be discussed. De George focuses more on the protection of formation Anything on the wall and in the living room that has grown anyway in France and Poland should be reviewed.

OA Sport presents Azzurri’s third challenge live in the 2022 Men’s Wally Nations League: Ottawa ahead of Italy and Canada, Real-time news, minute by minute, not to miss anything, It starts at 1.00pm on Sunday 12th June!

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