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Because pasta will come to 2 euros per kilo (and branded pasta is already more than 3 euros)

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How have pasta prices changed in Italy?

Pasta has always been part of the Italian culinary tradition, that dish that can never be missing from the table. The shelves of all supermarkets in the country are full of stocks, but how have prices changed? The increases in the sector due to the weight of inflation on raw materials and production is one of the factors analyzed by the magazine savior that Tested 20 brands in the market, in particular one kilogram packages of spaghetti. After analyzing them in the lab to assess the effects of various pesticides and mycotoxins (toxic compounds naturally produced by different types of mushrooms), the research compared shelf prices — without discounts or promotions — of the top 20 brands by comparing them with those registered in 2020 during the previous study. Among the most significant increases are brands such as La Molisana, which in two years has raised its value by nearly 70%. But even specialty brands or discounters, though at lower prices, have applied double-digit increases.

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