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The Milky Way ‘talks’ to us: Revolutionary news for astronomy is on the way

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In 12 days, the whole world could realize something revolutionary in the astronomical field: the details to preserve the mystery were not presented until the press conference on May 12 at 4.30 pm Italian time, but this will relate to the first-ever image of Black hole Arch A* which is in the middle of Milky Way. If we really had a true “picture”, more than anything else, a picture of what is happening there, it would be a historical moment capable of providing new knowledge and advancing studies of the mysteries of the universe and the mysteries of the universe. our galaxy.

“revolutionary results”

Astronomers will present to the inner world the results of a project called Eht (Event Horizon Telescope) in close collaboration with ESO (European Southern Observatory) that began in 2006 with increasingly giant strides in knowledge of planets, stars, celestial bodies and galaxies. and black holes. Details were obtained from experts because the mouths of those directly involved were kept stitched up, but we are talking about something.”revolutionaryand ‘erotic granny’ courierexperts explain that obtaining such an image, if it really is, of a black hole “It’s as complex as observing an object one millimeter in size from a distance of 13,000 km“A really spatial substance in the truest sense of the word.


But what exactly is Sagittarius A*With an asterisk? It’s a black hole, and that’A celestial body with a gravitational field so strong that it does not allow matter or electromagnetic radiation to pass through“It is logically located within the constellation that takes its name and which has been talked about for some time now. There is precedent for such a thing, going back to April 10, 2019 when it was first shown flipping an image of a black hole but not like the one in the Milky Way. His name is “Messier 87”, short for Messier 87. That image, which quickly orbited the globe despite not having perfect resolution due to the distortion between space and time, showed magnetic fields near the black hole. Despite everything, it has been defined as “horn picture“.

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Despite this great achievement, in addition to M87, something even greater was being studied, the results of which will be revealed to the world in a few days: what happens in “Sagittarius A* or Sgr A*. This black hole would be too massive. To be able to Containing 4.3 million times the mass of the Sun: its distance from Earth is 25 thousand light-years. Compared to M87, it will be 6 billion times greater. In short, after this announcement of a wait, in addition to becoming historical, it can also change the parameters and certainty in the astronomical field.

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