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AC Milan and Sacchi assess Italian football: “Ideas outweigh money”

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The 2022/23 season is now over and he awaits his return to the field in August, all eyes are on the transfer market. But before definitively considering upcoming seasonal commitments, Arrigo Former Milan coach Sacchi He wanted to restore the expired Serie A championshipwhich saw Napoli win the Scudetto 33 years after the last. Interviewed by the technician Mediaset Sports.

About football, which we have seen in recent years bags He said: “There have been changes for two years. The year before Milan and this time NapoliThen Lazio finished second. Ideas have gone beyond money. The richest teams have not won trophies and this shows that with ideas you can win“.

But the former Rossoneri did not focus only on the Italian leagueIn fact, he also commented on the negative result of the Italians in the finals of the three European competitions. “We must learn to be less daring. We’ve reached the final and that’s something really positive, but now we have to think a little more and form as a team. But playing as a team in Italy is unlikely, it would be the country’s greatest wealth. Unfortunately, we are an individual people. Even football inherits a lot from the culture and history of a country, and here we are taught that intelligence is a good thing, but in reality it is not“.

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Sacchi in the Italian national team

After talking about the Italian teams that play in Serie A, Arrigo Sacchi A Mediaset Sports He also spoke about the Italian national teamwhich have gone bankrupt in recent years. Her words: Italian football has never given style before, and that’s because we’re very tactical to do it, but not having a certain style becomes difficult. Indeed, the national team calls up several children for ten days, but nothing new can be learned in such a short time“.

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But Saki who also coached the national teamis still hopeful, and indeed concludes by saying: “However, something is moving and in fact the small teams are actively involved and also putting the big teams in difficulty, like never before.“.

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