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Members have been banned and prizes canceled in history

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Will Smith has been banned from Academy events Over the next ten years due to a gesture against Chris Rock that the protagonist saw in Oscar 2022However, it is not the first time that it has been brought to the door of a member of the association.

but exactly Who was banned from the academy before Will Smith? We reveal them to you in the list below:

  • Carmine KaridiHe was the first member of the Academy to be formally banned from the Society. It happened in 2004, and his mistake was that he posted online movie “projectors” intended only for the eyes of Academy members to vote for the Academy Award. In short, a true pirate of the web age.
  • Adam KimmelCinematographer: Adam Kimmel (Lars and the real girl, Cabot) was expelled from the academy in 2021 for having committed a sexual offense in the past. When news appeared that the artist had been arrested twice on charges of assaulting minors, he was immediately removed from the association on charges of violating the rules of conduct.
  • Bill Cosby: When Cosby was convicted in 2018 of drugging and sexually assaulting basketball player Andrea Constand, the academy fired him within a month.
  • Roman Polanski: Polanski and Bill Cosby have been fired under the academy’s new code of conduct, a move many have pointed out as completely futile and belated to say the least. The facts that led to Polanski’s expulsion date back to 1977, the year the director was wanted in the United States because he was convicted of having sex with a minor without consent, but since then the author has been nominated several times at the Academy Awards. Even winning Best Director on pianist In 2003 (It is clear that Polanski could not receive the award in person, because even today if he set foot on American soil, the authorities will arrest him).
  • Harvey WeinsteinThe producer, who revolutionized the ‘Oscar race’ with his world-famous and powerful promotional campaign, was fired in 2017 after a career-ending scandal that has seen him imprisoned. The Academy condemned Einstein by defining his actions.abhorrent and inconsistent with the high standards of the creative community it represents‘, but the producer still had a Best Picture Oscar that he won as a producer Shakespeare is in love.

As you see Not many people have been kicked out of the Academy in the history of the Academy Awards, and a smaller number of those for which the Oscars have been withdrawn. As punishment for Will Smith, in fact, there was also talk of the possibility of revoking the award just won King RichardBut In the past, the Oscars were removed in only one case: It happened in 1969, when Young Americans It was awarded the statuette for Best Documentary Feature, and was canceled soon after because the film was originally released in 1967, and was therefore deemed inappropriate. While Some actors refused an Oscar (as Marlon Brando) for protest reasons, therefore, the Academy has no real precedents in terms of abolition: as I have seen, in fact, even members expelled for very serious crimes did not receive the award.

For more information on the World’s Most Popular Film Award, see The 10 most shocking moments in the history of the Oscars.

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