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The big UN vote against Russia

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and the United Nations General Assembly, which includes all member states, on Wednesday, Voice An emergency session issued a resolution condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine and asking Russia to withdraw its army. Of the 193 member states, 141 voted in favor of the resolution, 35 countries abstained, and 5 voted against: this basically means that the vast majority of the world’s countries are against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The vote, which is historic for its almost unanimous (even from countries usually close to Russia), was followed by long applause.

The resolution passed on Wednesday essentially called for an end to the war and the immediate withdrawal of Russian soldiers from Ukraine. Some of the sounds were surprising, like support person Serbia, a historical ally of Russia, and one of the very few European countries that did not impose sanctions. until the The United Arab Emirateson good terms with Russia, voted in favour.

Five countries voted against it: Russia, of course, and then Belarus, a close ally of Russia who agreed to act. Access door and weapons storage to invade Eritrea, North Korea, and Syria. On the other hand, 35 countries abstained, including China which despite Apparently cautious attitudes He supports Russian President Vladimir Putin in deed and action.

Among the countries that abstained are several African countries, including Angola, Congo, Mali, Mozambique, Senegal, Sudan and South Sudan. Not surprisingly, few African countries have spoken out against the Russian invasion in recent days, and public support for Putin is also linked to the fact that Russia has worked hard in recent years to expand its influence in Africa.

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It has developed economic relations with various countries through exports and investments, as well as providing military support in many cases. He did this for example by sending mercenary soldiers from Wagner Groupwho are known to mistreat and abuse them violations for human rights, to help local political leaders retain power and confront internal dissidents. It did it first in the Central African Republic, then in Sudan, Mozambique and Mali: all the countries that abstained on the resolution on Wednesday.

United Nations General Assembly Resolutions –member For the United Nations that brings together representatives of all countries of the world – it is not legally binding, but it has great political weight: in fact it expresses the attitude of all countries of the world to the issues that are discussed from time to time. time, situations which can thus influence the behavior and decisions of different countries. In this case, the vote expresses Russia’s crushing diplomatic isolation regarding its decision to invade Ukraine.

A vote was requested by the UN Security Council, while Russia was engaged in the bombing of various Ukrainian cities. The emergency sessions of the United Nations General Assembly are rareIt is held only in exceptional cases.

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