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F1: Hamilton, no longer giving space to racism demonstrations – F1

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(ANSA) – ROME, June 30 – “I have often suffered from manifestations of racism, criticism or negativity. I also often suffer from hidden discrimination. But I look at the general picture and do not understand why we continue to give space to those who no longer represent F1.” And so, Mercedes champion Lewis Hamilton, at the press conference at Silverstone, returned to the comment of former world champion Nelson Piquet, who analyzed the connection between him and Max Verstappen at the last edition of the British Grand Prix, and defined it as “Negrito”. Yesterday, Pique himself apologized, but without avoiding the criticism of Formula 1, the FIA ​​and many drivers.

“I am grateful to all those involved in Formula 1 who have shown me their support – added Hamilton -. The challenges we face are still many. Formula 1 is looking to South Africa, for example. And we must give young people a different platform. .It is not just a one-to-one relationship. The reaction was instinctive and quick, but we really need to start taking action. You shouldn’t give these people space.” “We are all equal, we should unite people – continued Hamilton -. Here I am, still going strong, focused on my work. And I press For diversity and inclusion in this sport, to sign a document that shows concrete commitment. I hope the first step has been taken. But I need everyone’s help.” (Dealing).

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