Home Economy The green lane is mandatory in this case

The green lane is mandatory in this case

The green lane is mandatory in this case

Also soon to withdraw money using Postepay, it will be necessary to have a Green Pass. But only in this specific case


extends starting From January 20 The use of the Green Pass, which, even in its basic form, that is, with a negative plate, must appear in many stores and companies that we are used to today.

L ‘commitment From the green lane will remain in effect Until March 31st, or the day you expire (excluding extensions) from State of emergency in Italy. The green certificate will be necessary from January 20th to access many stores and businesses but also to withdraw with Postepay in a particular case. Let’s see which one.

Postepay, this is when you need Green Pass to withdraw

Postamat office (Pixabay)

All Italians from today will have to take it personal care They should have the green lane with them. Certification, which can also be obtained with a negative buffer (antigen valid for 48 hours and molecular valid for 72 hours), will be required for access Barbers, hairdressers and beauticians. This commitment will be valid until March 31 and there will be violators Many From 400 to 1000 euros.

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start from 1 februaryAlternatively, it will be mandatory to have the basic green lane also to enter public offices such as Post office, bank or financial offices. For this reason, those who do not have the basic pass They will not be able to withdraw cash internally with Postepay. clearly No problems with withdrawing from ATMs located abroad from post offices.

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Thus life is difficult for those who have not been vaccinated or cured of Covid because they will have to submit to a tampon even to enter the post office, bank or hairdresser. Moreover, starting from February 1, the basic Green Pass commitment also beginsEngaging in commercial activities. Dpcm comes with a list of places where it will not be necessary to show a pass such as supermarkets, grocery stores, pharmacies, opticians and gas stations.


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