Home sport The grandstand at Al-Razza Stadium is named after Commander Fosca.

The grandstand at Al-Razza Stadium is named after Commander Fosca.

The grandstand at Al-Razza Stadium is named after Commander Fosca.

The suggestion is only hinted at. But the echo of her voice had already crossed the entire city, winning wide acclaim: To name the stadium “Luigi Raza” after the historical president of Fibonacci CalcioCommander Carmelo Fosca, who disappeared just three days ago. For his release he is the mayor of the municipal council of Vibo Valentia, Rino Putrino, in his institutional capacity (of course) but also as a sportsman: Putrino was the director and coach of the football schools and youth teams associated with Fibonese history for thirty years.

In fact, his allure is characterized by great personal transport in relation to the personality Commendatore Fuscà, who marked the life of at least two generations of avid football fans. With my dear friend Michel ComitoI went to see my boss at one last farewell, at the hospital mortuary in Vibonese, before his funeral — says Putrino (pictured). Dear Chief when I was a few years old and my father made me fall in love with these red and blue, and fill my veins.”

A common fate for many. Indeed, the head of the municipal council adds: “The colors that our president instilled in many generations of athletes, Ensuring that Vibonese becomes for many of us a cause of joy, enthusiasm and belongingIt remains to be passed on to future generations. I find it hard to find the words to describe the love conveyed to us by the leader with his “clear” calm mixed with acumen and spherical competence, which really belongs to a few! That is why I felt so strongly the need to contact the prefecture immediately to inquire Procedures and to be able to propose the address of the stadium to the Council Dear Commander Carmelo Fosca. Indeed, in the next council, I will present my idea in the hall in an attempt to involve everyone.”

A post that could arrive without obstacles of any kind, and this would allow two people who have made so much to this fact to connect them to the history of Fibonese football.: the unforgettable social doctor Enzo Basile, for whom the press room is already named, and Commendatore Fuscà himself. “I am sure to interpret the ideas of many Vibonesi – concludes Putrino – but also of the ideas of the entire world of football and sport in any latitude. Commendatore Fuscà represents A milestone for Pippo Caffo today, Giving gratification pages and sometimes unforgettable and unforgettable tears.”


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