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Many experiences of Melina Bertolini – O A Sport

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Exam. Today starting at 18.30 (Live on Rai2), there Italian women’s soccer team than expected byfriendly against Brazil. At the “Luigi Ferraris” stadium in Genoa, a semi-annual journey begins that will bring the color blue to the next stage World Cup in Australia and New Zealand The best way to test their skills in the presence of teams of international importance. In this case, the team faces He is number 7 in the FIFA rankingsfresh from the victory in the latest version of Copa America Femenina.

Melina Bertolini He would have to make the virtue of necessity because there would be a lot of absence for this challenge. behind Sarah Gama it’s at Barbara Bonancinot already present in the latest versions due to their physical problems, other names have been added such as the names Elena Linari, Lucia Di Guglielmo, Elisa Bartoli, Christiana Girelli and Manuela Giuliano.

For this, CT decided to call some players of the Under23 selection as Federica Caferata Fiorentina, Melissa Bellucci Del Sassuolo, not counting proceeds in blue Alice Tortelli Based on Cecilia SalvaiShe was called up not long after a bad knee injury kept her out of the national team. Attend the Michela Catena Based on Elisa Polly Who are doing well with Fiorentina and Inter in the league.

Roberto Mancini: “The group is not easy, I knew we were going to meet England”

So it would be interesting to understand how Bertolini would want to move in terms of training, given some reference points: the midfield hinge he formed Ariana Caruso, Valentina Cernoia And the Martina Rusucci; Great athletic and technical qualities Valentina Bergamci and From Lisa Poatin On the outer lanes innovation and strength Agnese Bonfantini; nose to aim Valentina Giacenti.

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Of course, we will have to face Brazil who showed they were in great shape in the friendly match on October 7th in Oslo. Girls have been trained before Pia a box definitive 4-1 against Norway With his achievements Pia Zanerato (Gun) , Adriana and Jacqueline. The team that opened for renewal in the presence of three players participated in FIFA U-20 World Cup in Costa Rica, The Brazilian team finished third by defeating the Netherlands 4-1 in the challenge to determine the third stage of the podium. It is located around Lauren, Tercian, and Yaya. The world title went to Spain, who beat Japan 3-1 in the final chapter.

a Nice meeting thanks to which Italy will also discover a little of itself.

Photo: LiveMedia / Ettore Griffoni

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