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The video drives fans crazy

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Ferrari has been one of the most amazing and innovative manufacturers for years and years. Once again she was able to astonish everyone.

Ferrari is an invaluable car company. Decades and decades have passed since what was Enzo Ferrari’s dream, which may have turned out to be much bigger than its founder ever imagined. Because in 2023, the dancing horse has become a symbol of elegance and luxury, an incomparable and incomparable reality.


The Maranello-based company’s cars have the remarkable ability to make the Italian marque famous, beloved and noble to this day.

And speaking of cars, thanks to a video that has appeared on the web in the past few hours, today we will see the most extreme version of a flaming and spectacular model, really capable of driving enthusiasts crazy. Let’s find out more about what a reference model can be For lovers of luxury and speed from now until the next few years.

Let’s start here: Stradale’s racing beast

Before going into the details of the car presented in this article, let’s start with Ferrari SF90 Stradale. Hybrid car produced since 2019. Inspired by the 2019 Formula One car, it is the first plug-in hybrid car from the brand. It underscores the link and philosophy between the hybrid technology of the Formula One single-seater and the road car.

Equipped with a twin-turbo V8 engine capable of producing 780 horsepower, the car is also equipped with three electric motors that together develop 220 horsepower. In general, this model achieves Exceptional 1000 HP. An eight-speed gearbox was also offered on the Stradale.

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Coming to Performance, the car goes from o to 100 in 2.5 seconds, from o to 200 in 6.5 and It can reach its extraordinary top speed of 340 kilometers per hour. Moreover, the carbon-ceramic brakes allow this car to stop in less than thirty meters at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour. The price exceeds 400 thousand eurosand, obviously, is available to a very small number of customers.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale, back: the video makes enthusiasts dream

he is called SF90 Stradal Special Edition, and it is already making enthusiasts dream thanks to a video that recently appeared on the web. This is the top of the range version of the very fast and beautiful Italian model. A strategic operation similar to that carried out in the past on the Ferrari 812 Competizione.

Not much is known about the model in question, frankly, anyway It is expected to debut around the middle of the year. This car should have a hole in the bonnet similar to the one we see in the Ferrari 488 Pista. At the back we will find a dual exhaust and a fairly pronounced spoiler. As mentioned, details are currently very limited. But in the meantime, we can enjoy a video, waiting for the details and obviously to see the final car.

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