June 3, 2023

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Amateur Football – Inclement Weather: All Division Two provincial leagues suspended to essential activities. Even the Open League stops at 11 Uisp

Mantua Yesterday’s heavy rains throughout the province, and weather forecasts announcing more rain over the weekend, had already had disastrous consequences for the activity of the amateur and youth tournaments. The Mantua regional delegation announced yesterday in the early afternoon the suspension of all related tournaments (from the second and third categories to youth and basic activities, including tournaments) scheduled for the weekend of December 10-11. The dates for individual tournaments to be restored will be announced in the coming days.
The Lombardy Regional Commission has confirmed the entire weekend program (however, two junior competitions have been postponed, as shown below), so the judges will decide in individual cases. At the moment the championships of Cremona, Emilia and Reggio are confirmed, but the possible suspension could also come in extremes.
With regard to sports promotion bodies, the Technical Sports Committee of the 11-player Open League Championship of the International Federation of Internet Associations decided to suspend all matches of the second day of return that were scheduled between yesterday evening and today. Those same encounters (with the exception of Wednesday’s Grazie-Campitello Assicurazione Novellini match that ended 0-4 with a goal by Andrea Bertazzoni in the 20th minute, braces from Emanuele Fusari in the 31st and 40th minutes and a goal by Riccardo Monicci in the 41st minute) have been postponed until mid-May. January 2023 when, after the Christmas break, the amateur football competition will resume par excellence.
Day nine, Cereta-Casalpoglio Elettroimpianti Vega, is still scheduled to be restored in Cereta on Saturday, December 17 (3 p.m.).

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