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Gladiator 2: Paul Mescal in talks for Ridley Scott

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Gladiator 2

Ridley Scott Close to dream come true Gladiator 2a much talked about sequel to one of his most successful films Russell Crowe. According to him variety, In fact, the director was going to choose a protagonist: Paul Mescal, and Alive Ordinary peopleHe will be in talks to star in the film. Scott will also produce with President Scott Frye Michael BruceAnd the Doug Wake And the Lucy Fisher via Red Wagon Entertainment. David Scarpa wrote the script.

From the original movie they also return Janty Yates (fashion designer) e Arthur Max (designer group). The first film was a co-production between Universal and DreamWorks, and while DreamWorks is no longer involved, Universal is entitled to collaborate on the project again.

The new movie follows the acclaimed 2002 movie wrestler, which grossed more than $460 million at the worldwide box office and was nominated for 12 Academy Awards, winning five, including Best Picture. The role of Maximus Decimus Meridius, a Roman general turned gladiator, marked a turning point in his career Russell Crowe in 2000.

It seems that Ridley Scott He met the actor very early in the casting process, and though he’s still into interviews, Paul Mescal is among the director’s favourites. For Mescal, this could be a real leap in his career, as he will leave the circle of independent production to enter the world of industrial cinema.

d Gladiator 2 We know very little, but the protagonist will be Lucio, the young son of Lucila (Connie Nielsen), who is now an adult man as the story takes place years after the first film. In the story of the first film, Lucius and his mother are saved from the wrath of Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix) from Massimo’s speech. The emperor and gladiator then meet their deaths in the arena at the end of the movie.

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Ridley Scott She is currently working on a set Napoleon directly with Phoenix, while Paul Mescal landed Jan. 6 on MUBI with after the sun.

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