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The finishing touches in Brindisi in the light of the boat show

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Exhibition to be expanded “in terms of number and quality boats exposed”, and then again spaces for training and a greater number of conferences. These are some of the novelties of the upcoming Apulia Boat Show (SNIM) to be held from 12-16 October in the Brindisi Marina region.

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Giuseppe Meo, head of the event organization, explained that “compared to the last edition, the maritime exhibition has increased by more than 30 percent”, and the final details regarding the list of exhibitors and existing brands are being determined. , which should be completed soon. Regarding the training aspect, Mio assures, we are continuing to work on this specific project with region.
“There will be a village – Snim Number One Highlights – entirely dedicated to the theme of both internships and employment opportunities Nautical It can give”.. in this specific field there will be B2B, or meetings with companies in this sector, “for school graduates or anyone interested in establishing collaborative relationships with Apulian companies and there will be ad hoc meetings on the subject, particularly on shipbuilding numbers.” Among other aspects that are in line with the last version there is the “confirmation of the military exhibition” but also “the presence of all enterprises in terms of exposure in water and on land.” In the same way, there is an intention to take an interest in “promoting the brand managed by the production area, that of the port network In Puglia.” There is also a space in the village dedicated to sports and in particular marine sports: “It will allow many – Mio added – to participate and we will create a calendar of events in which it will be possible to participate in sport fishing, kayaking, sailing and other events, so that the public can participate in some way from the activities that we will do during the salon.” One aspect that will also be expanded will be in relation to conferences: “This year – said SNIM Number One – we had to create two meeting rooms, because we have many meeting moments in different sectors.” In this context, for example, there is one related to “Environmental Sustainability with the New Propulsion, which will be in collaboration with the Fincantieri Group – Isotta Fraschini Motori”, putting under the spotlight some of the new approaches that could appear in this field. Among the examples given by Meo are hydrogen, “fuel cell” (a type of combustion cell), hybrid, issues that “we are going to face in a very strong way”. Likewise, there will be a “national conference on Puglia as a reference area for marine production”, following the project that Ferretti seems to have now started in Taranto on the production of yacht. Among other factors of modernity, also the recognition of the event as international, and in its wake was support from buglepromotion, “Strengthening the promotion of the event at the national level”

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