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Catania Spazio Sport is born, the rebirth of Piazza Nettuno

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The birth of “Catania Spazio Sport”, The municipal administration’s strategic plan for the redevelopment of squares and free zones also through primary sports activities, a real “brand” of Etna that will accompany the re-design and creation of urban spaces to be redeveloped. A coordinated action that would touch different areas of the city put in place by Mayor Pugliese and councilor Baresi with all council members, with a view to distinct but united interventions with the aim of promoting alternative energy, improving the quality of green spaces and creating spaces for gymnastics and outdoor sports activities, from a perspective ” green”, which is an absolute novelty for Catania.

The first redevelopment project approved by the Pugliese Council concerns Piazza Nettuno “the heart” of Lungomare with the expenditure of 540 thousand euros of EU funds already allocated, which in a few months will transform it from a traditional meeting place into a safe, attractive, connected and accessible space for all. The goal is to create a ‘smart’ square with the installation of technological and social innovation tools with a complete redesign of the three rectangular green spaces and the adjacent waterfront area, optimizing the supply of furnishings for their use as well. Recreational and sports activities.

The planned extraordinary maintenance interventions also aim to enhance Piazza Nettuno, with its equipped fitness area and two children’s play areas, useful for creating a social and lively gathering place and a reference for the physical well-being of Catania, adults and children. The night lighting system will use a photovoltaic stent, in order to comply with requirements imposed by law to save energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

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Explaining the renovation project for this part of the waterfront, Mayor Salvo Pugliese said: “It is critical to return livable spaces to citizens that are equipped for social contact.” In coordination with the Department for Community Policies, Green Transformation and Sport, headed by Sergio Baresi, the homonymous municipal administration managed by Fabio Finociaro and the new service specifically created and entrusted to Paolo de Caro, we shared the need to coordinate interventions and alignment according to a vision focused on raising quality indicators Life and smart use of public places and outdoor sports, which has become a requirement in this pandemic era. We start at Piazza Nettuno, but we will very quickly reach every area of ​​the city, from the center to the periphery, using this approach of urban renewal in a connected vision aimed at the well-being of the person.”

In order to encourage sustainable alternative mobility, based on the use of electric bicycles and scooters, two electric charging stations will also be installed in the new Piazza Nettuno. The area will be fully under video surveillance, in order to preserve the safety of citizens and protect it from vandalism. On the same wave as the mayor, Commissioner Parisi who oversaw the administrative process of the plan for weeks and which at the end of January will lead to the publication of the call for bids: “Intuition of a series of actions It is in line with the work we have done in recent months to direct available resources towards interventions closest to citizens’ needs. The green transition – added to Parisi – cannot be just a slogan: equipped squares and parks, green spaces and sports areas, maximum attention to energy savings and intelligent use of new technologies, ensuring the result of making Catanesi reclaiming possession, elevating exercise as a central element in management programming The municipality as a facilitator of the conscientious collection and use of public spaces. And it’s a small revolution for Catania.”

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